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For those that may not know you, can you tell us a little bit about the man behind the music?
I grew up in a small town called Los Altos which is just south of San Francisco. I was very into sports and music as a kid, but really leaned into music as I got older. I went to college to study Engineering, but ended up hating it and as a hobby started producing dance music.How long has music been a passion of yours? When did you know you wanted to turn it into a career?
As a kid, I always loved music and playing music. I started taking piano lessons when I was 7, and picked up the guitar in grade school shortly after. I’d write a lot of songs and play music with friends throughout high school, and recorded some tracks during those years but never thought it would turn into anything at all. I fell in love with electronic music when I was in college, and downloaded Ableton just to try and make some beats of my own for fun. I started uploading some remixes I did onto Soundcloud, and they started getting a lot of attention. Record labels began hitting me up asking for remixes for their artist’s upcoming releases, and it just continued on from there. Colleges started asking me how much it would cost for me to perform a show, and then it started to become pretty real. Once Interscope Records expressed interest in signing me as an artist, that’s when I felt I really should try to make a career out of it.

How would you describe the music that you typically create? Who or what inspired you to make this type of music?
I always strive to make music that is emotional, uplifting, and feel good. I’m a big fan of combining electronic synthesis with real organic instrumentation to give it a nice hybrid and complexity. I think my inspiration comes from my entire background of listening to different genres. My love for classic rock, and indie/alt is why I love incorporating guitars and keys into the tracks, and my love for pure electronic music is why I love having synthetic sounds and drums in the production.

What is the most challenging part about the work you do?
Overcoming a creative rut is one of the most difficult parts of the music making progress, and it’s been especially challenging during the pandemic. Sometimes the ideas aren’t flowing, or the inspiration isn’t there, and it’s hard to sort of get the ball rolling. But it’s about accepting it for what it is, and doing things to actively work through it and keeping myself inspired to push through.You have collaborated with major artists ranging from Carly Rae Jepsen to Aloe Blacc and many more. What is your favorite part about working with other artists on these songs?
I absolutely love working with other artists on songs. It’s so refreshing to collaborate with artists because they bring so many great ideas and perspectives to the table that I might not be considering or thinking of. I’ve always been of the mindset that the more people you have working on a record, the more creativity and ideas come to the table to make the best possible record. It’s just about making all of the puzzle pieces fit at the end of the day.

Who would be your dream collaboration in the future?
In terms of dance artists, I’d love to work with Calvin Harris someday. In terms of artists/vocalists, someone like a Lewis Capaldi or Florence Welch would be a dream.

What can you tell us about your biggest gig/performance or one that sticks out in your mind as memorable?
I think Coachella is always a huge one. I grew up in California so Coachella was the first music festival I ever attended and it was one I always dreamed of playing. Headlining Bill Graham in San Francisco was absolutely crazy as well because it’s my hometown venue and something I never ever imagined playing as a kid.Your single ‘Safe With Me’ featuring Audrey Mika already has over 10 million Spotify plays. How did this collaboration come about and how was the process of creating this song together?
I was working on this song with a few writers I’ve admired for quite some time, and we were getting to a place where the production and song was feeling really good. My A&R brought up the idea of Audrey Mika, and I had never heard of her at the time but her voice immediately jumped out to me as special. We pitched her team the song, and a week later we were in the studio in LA recording it together. 5 minutes into the session I knew she was the right person for the song as she gave the perfect balance of emotional vulnerability and energy.
Listen to 'Safe With Me' on Spotify here.
*Gryffin has now joined forces with Two Feet for his newest single 'I Want Love' which also marks his first single release of the new year. Listen to it on Spotify here.What has been the most rewarding part of your career in the music industry thus far?
I think the most rewarding part has been seeing the impact the records have on my fans. They will send me messages and videos of important events or moments in their life where my music plays a huge role in it, and that makes me incredibly fulfilled as an artist. Nothing makes me happier than to see my fans appreciating the effort I put into my music.

Shifting over to fashion, how would you describe your style?
Definitely more into the sportswear type of fashion. I like a lot of blacks, greys, and whites. Pretty big into layers and having nice jackets and outerwear.

Who are your fashion inspirations at the moment?
I actually really like Travis Scott’s style, which probably seems out of the blue for a dance artist to say, but I think he’s really dope.

If you could pick any three items off of ​our website to wear for a performance, which three items would you choose and why?
1. I love a good pair of sneakers, and this pair definitely caught my eye - JORDAN 1 MID WHITE SHADOW (*pictured below)
2. Definitely into the monochrome fits and this would be an awesome look to do a DJ set in - FEAR OF GOD PULLOVER HOODIE MOONSTRUCK
3. Love a good simple tee and I’m into a lot of Palace stuff - PALACE SIDE T-SHIRT NAVYIf this chapter of your life was a movie, what title would be most fitting?
1000% would have to be​ ​Groundhog Day. I joke around with my peers that every single day has become pretty much the exact same. Wake up, make coffee, sit in the studio and make music. Rinse and repeat.

Are you currently working on any new projects at the moment?
I’m working on my next album! Very excited about how it’s coming together and cannot wait to share it with people soon.

Lastly, what can we expect to see from Gryffin in the future?
I’ve got a ton of new music I’m currently working on, which should hopefully all be coming later in the year. With that new music, I'm hoping to announce a big tour once the pandemic is in a better situation. Looking forward to what’s to come!

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