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For those that don’t know you, can you give us a little introduction to the girl behind the Instagram?
Hi everyone! Thank you for having me. My name is Eva, I’m 26-year-old and live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During the week I work as a communication advisor for the government. Besides my job I love to put my creativity into my Instagram by making sneakercontent! 
How did you end up in the sneaker game?
I live in Rotterdam now, but I didn’t grow up here. I used to live in a really little village in the South of the Netherlands. There was no social media like Instagram yet and there were no sneaker stores nearby. But when I went to Paris in my first year of high school, I bought my very first sneakers from my own saved money. It was an Air Max 1. I’ve always been a shy girl, but I felt I could express myself through sneakers and fashion. From that moment I just started to search for more sneakers and before I knew it became a big passion for me.
We love your style! Can you tell us where you get your style inspiration from? And is there a particular look you try to achieve?
To be honest, I just buy what I like and most of the time the items have to be comfy. I think my inspiration comes from the people around me and the other people in the sneaker community. I love to see how everyone styles their sneakers in their own way! For me, I love to combine my sneakers with a clean and minimal fit. For example, when I have to work, I like to wear black trousers with a black blazer styled with a Jordan 1. But in the weekends, I would go for a grey jogger with a plain shirt, as comfy as possible haha ;)
 Which is your favourite street wear brand and why? You can’t choose Nike… ;)
That’s unfair haha… I don’t really have one particular street wear brand that I prefer, there are so many good ones, bigger brands but also smaller upcoming brands. But if I had to choose, I would go for Fear of God! I really love the unisex pieces and I could shop there for my work clothes but also for the comfy clothes at the Essentials collection.
What’s the most exclusive pair of sneakers you own?
To be honest, I never search for the most ‘exclusive’ pairs. I really love the OG pairs with the OG colorways the most! Like the Jordan 1 Shadows or the Breds. But I think the most exclusive one I own right now is the black Jordan 4 Union!
Has there been a pair of sneakers you have struggled to get your hands on and how did you end up getting them?
I was looking for the Jordan 1 SBB Satin for a long time, but it was impossible to find them, especially in my size (EU36). I gave up already but then I went to Sneakerness in Amsterdam and they I found them in my size!What is the craziest thing you have done to get a pair of sneakers? And was it worth it?
Back in the days you had to wait in lines for a sneaker release, now most of stores do online raffles. But when I really want a pair and I don’t get them at the release, I search for them till I find. Sometimes I need to drive to the other side of the Netherlands to get them and pay resale as well… but in the end it’s all worth it haha ;)
Who has inspired you on your sneaker journey the most? Are there any influencers you follow religiously for their style and inspiration?
Who inspired me the most… I think I have to give these credits to my partner haha… When we met, we both were into sneakers and shared the same passion from the beginning. But he definitely supported me on my sneaker journey and inspired me to do what I love! For style and inspiration on social media, I have to say Aleali May! She is really my style icon, I love how she keeps surprising us with her outfits.

If you could choose three items from our site to take with on your next holiday what would they be?
Three items?! You guys have so many! But on my next holiday I definitely need some comfy sneakers, so I think I would go for a pair of Sacais (*pictured below). Also, when I travel, I need a good jogger, so I think I would add the Essentials sweatpants for a comfort flight. And last but not least, I think we all need a grail pair to take with us on our holiday. For me that would be the Jordan 1 Union Black Toe.What’s your thoughts on pre-loved street wear? Would you be more inclined to wear pre-loved sneakers or clothing?
I think it’s something good! For example, my Levi’s jeans are mostly pre-loved, I bought them at vintage stores! I think it’s a win-win, we don’t have to throw clothes away and the prices are also better ;) Same for sneakers, especially now-a-days, when the prices are crazy high sometimes.
What has been your favourite sneaker collaboration of all time and why?
I already spoke about her as my style icon so this will be no surprise, all the Jordan x Aleali May collabs are my fave, especially the Jordan 6 ‘Millennial Pink’ (*pictured below). The pink color looks soft and hard at the same time. The Jordan 6 silhouette looked a bit hard for me before, but when she added this pink color I knew I had to add these to my collection.What’s your thoughts on the current sneaker market? 2020 seems to have brought out more female sneaker heads. Any thoughts here would be great.
More female sneaker heads, I LOVE to see it! I see more and more females, also around me, who get more and more into sneakers. I think it’s a good thing, because a couple years ago the sneaker scene was mostly seen as something for men. But we’re not there yet. I mean, I have size EU36 and there are still sneakers that don’t even exist in my size. As @ttfinlay said before: We don’t need women’s exclusives. We need inclusive sizing. I really hope 2021 will bring us this change!
One thing I don’t like, that comes with more and more people getting into sneakers, are the crazy resale prices!! I used to buy my Jordan 1 Royals resale for less then the retail price! But now, the resale prices are really going crazy.  

We can see that your partner also features on your Instagram feed. Does that mean he’s wardrobe doubles up as yours? What’s your favourite piece of his to steal for a Sunday stroll?
I wish I could wear his sneakers as well, but I have size EU36 and he wears EU43, so you can all imagine what it looks like when I wear his shoes haha. But if we had the same size in sneakers, I would definitely steel his Jordan 1 Shadow Aleali May. But if we go for a Sunday stroll, at least I can steal his hoodies ;)Lastly, how has the new year started for you and have you got any exciting project you’re working on that you can tell us about?
To be honest, I just hope 2021 brings us all more health and joy, especially after 2020. For me, the new year started good with reaching 20k followers. There will also be some sneaker-related collabs where I’m very excited for!
Thank you for having me and I hope you all enjoyed reading this!

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