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We put the verification of products at the heart of everything we do at The Edit LDN. All items ordered on our marketplace must pass through one of our Verification Hubs before being sent to you. Here, our experienced team meticulously inspects every single item and will only ever pass something we are 100% confident in.


How it’s Done

We look at everything from the quality of the packaging right through to the stitching on the label. We’ve built extensive guides using retail examples, which we regularly refer to and update.

To assist our teams when handling high-risk and/or valuable products, we actively use a third-party AI verification partner to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered.

If, for any reason, the product received is not up to our high standards, it will be rejected, and your order will be redirected to another consignor on our marketplace.

We document all our steps of verification, processing, and packing, allowing us to check raised issues and improve our service.


Trusted Sellers

Our team works with a growing network of trusted and vetted sellers to limit anything less than perfect arriving at one of our hubs. If you are interested in selling with us, please see here.



The Edit LDN Pledge

We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and the best possible service. As part of this commitment, we acknowledge that mistakes may be made, and we take this very seriously. If you feel unsatisfied in any way with an item you have received from our marketplace, our team is always on hand to help.

More information can be found here.