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Article: THE EDIT LDN INTERVIEWS (KEVIN - @kixkevin)



For those that don’t know you, can you tell The Edit Man London readers a little bit about who @kixkevin is?
First and foremost hello, my name is Kevin. Nice to meet you! I would describe myself as a simple person, who has the passion for sneakers and tries to unite it in the best way possible with the fashion world. That's basically what my account is all about. Besides sharing my Ls on the SNKRS app hahah.
How and when did you first get involved in the sneaker game?

I guess, it all started in the early 2000's with the hip hop movement. My childhood had a big influence, speaking of the aesthetic view throughout this whole "Era". During the year 2002, I wasn't aware of Supreme, but a friend of mine who was, showed me this NIKE Sb dunk collaboration. I remember this uncommon pattern, the "elephant print". It was love at first sight, I dare to say. But unfortunately I didn't have money, my family wasn't in as good economic conditions and as of a result, I bought them...but only in my dreams. Fast-forward, in 2016, Jordan brand did release a colorway of his famous 1 model called "Retro high Un-Supreme" so I immediately checked it out and as the name already does reveal, it had the same pattern as the NIKE Sb dunks back in 2002. So, having my own job, being independent and not relying on my parents anymore, I decided to buy my first pair of shoes. I remember it as it was yesterday, I ran to the closest Jordan store and bought them, it's a very joyful memory of mine.
How many pairs of sneakers would you say you have in your collection? Which are your three favorite pairs and why?
Fun fact, I've never counted them, because I am scared of the number as many of my friends call me "strange" but that's just the people that don't know about the sneaker culture haha. I would say about 30 pairs, as my bio says "professional L collector" people in the sneaker game know the feeling of receiving a fat L on SNKRS app. That's also one of the reasons why my collection isn't as big, sadly. I only buy sneakers I really like, so I am not trying to cop every pair of shoes that's being released. That shrinks my possibilities of a W to almost 0% hahaha.

This year we have witnessed many good releases. One of my favorite, and I think the majority of you will agree, is the Jordan 4  Retro x Off-White Sail (*pictured below). These captured my eye immediately as the pics were leaked. No things  better than some cream tone sneakers, these colors really popped up in 2020. Another pair I am really happy to have in my collection is the Nikecraft Mars Yard shoe 2.0 by Tom Sachs. This is one of my, if not my absolute, sneaker grail. These are basically shoes meant to be worn every day and I wear them regularly. After a short period, they became my daily beaters. Luckily didn't pay resell, this also adds up a significant point to my interpretation of grail status. Same goes for my Jordan 1 Retro Un-Supreme, but more on an emotional level as the first sneaker I've bought with my own earned money.

How would you explain the term "sneakerhead" to someone outside of the sneaker industry?
As I already explained before, people outside the community don't really get it. So I always bring up the example of having a passion, in general. I mean it's the same as if you are collecting watches, action figures or simply trading cards. Putting it on the same level helps most of the time. It's a passion like every other on this planet and therefore it should be treated as such.
How would you describe your style and how does it represent you as a person?
I would say I don't have a precise style because I don't mind switching it up now and then. I like to dress depending on how I feel and that's different from day to day. It could go from being simple and comfy to extrovert and crazy looking.
Who are your biggest fashion inspirations at the moment and why?
There are so many content creators out there, this interview would go on forever if I had to list them all. So I will pick 3 out of it. I respect them, they all do their own thing in a beautiful way. Giving  the community some great on feet shots as well as creativity and personality:
How did you manage to build a large following on Instagram and what have been the biggest changes in your life since obtaining the title of “influencer”?
Surely, from my point of view, I did nothing special. I just had a passion, which was cultivated and ultimately grew. Having a big audience is, without a question, really nice. Especially if you like to share and confront opinions with others, which is my case. Helping others, at the same time, helps me to grow and brooding my horizon. "Influencer" is such a weird word to hear, I really don't feel like that. Giving an example is important but sharing and learning with others is even more.
As an Instagram influencer, what's the craziest/weirdest DM you have ever received?
Well, nothing crazy ever happened I guess hahaha. The most uncommon thing is getting messages from stores that sell fake stuff like "hi man, got these Jordan's for €60, totally legit. Checked them myself etc."
What do you think you would be doing right now if Instagram never existed?
Same things I do right now, because unfortunately I can't live of IG, not yet. 
Maybe someday haha I work hard, got a full time job with extra hours of work, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Not a lot of spare time but I can afford the cost of my passion and count myself lucky for that.
What is one piece of crucial advice you would give to someone who is just starting out as a sneaker influencer on Instagram?
Firstly be yourself, learn how to use edit programs such as pH and light room. Try to get basic equipment. A cellphone with a superb camera could get the job done as well. And last but not the least you need PASSION, time and dedication. That's all you need, a little investment if it makes you happy, go on and do your thing!
If you were going on a holiday and we gave you £1,000 to spend on our site – which pieces would you buy and why?
Easy! The Fear of God Essentials hoodie and matching sweatpants (*pictured below). Can't go wrong with some Cozy vibes.
Lastly, what can we expect to see from you in the future?

Definitely a lot of Ls hahaha jokes aside, I definitely want to improve editing shots. Besides that, you can expect my expression of fashion and streetwear. Will continue doing what I love!

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