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Article: Her Edit LDN: Titi Finlay & Her Experiences Working in the Sneaker Industry

Her Edit LDN: Titi Finlay & Her Experiences Working in the Sneaker Industry

Her Edit LDN: Titi Finlay & Her Experiences Working in the Sneaker Industry

Titi Finlay is truly a force to be reckoned with. Over the past couple of years, the London-based artist, designer, and sneakerhead has been doing everything that she can so that female voices can be heard loud and clear within the male-dominated trainer industry.

With her inspirational Instagram posts and her highly-curated sneaker collection, through our brand-new Her Edit LDN platform, we sat down with Titi to chat about some of the influences behind her designs, what's on her sneaker wishlist, and a whole lot more. You definitely don't want to miss this one!

Hi Titi! First question: What does Her Edit LDN mean to you?
That women and their opinions are valuable, and that they belong in sneaker culture.

When did you find your niche in design, and what influenced it?
I think my work is most recognisable for its bold slogans. I’ve always been obsessed with the art of protest, and how words and art can make such an impact on social issues.

This has naturally come through in my design. I use design as a tool to say what needs to be said - it’s my way of trying to make a difference in the world. I’ve always loved neon colours too, and I think I’ve become known for always using a certain colour palette. I just can’t stray from it, I love bright and bold design and how it makes people feel, and I think I’ve just developed that style over time.

What’s your wishlist pair of sneakers?
I would love a pair of the Supreme Air Bakin in white, but sadly Supreme never release their Nike collabs in small/womens sizes.

What’s been your most ‘pinch me’ moment yet?
Seeing my work across two floors of Nike Town Oxford Circus, and being able to FaceTime my parents and show them. I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit with my career trajectory which is unsettling for parents (lol), so it was nice to show them I got this, I made it, and the hard work was all worth it.

What would you change about the sneaker industry if you could?
Gender neutral sneakers across the board! And more women in positions of power and influence.

Finally, have you got anything exciting in the works you can share with us?
My partnership with Nike is continuing with something fun this summer. It’s a continuation of the previous stuff we have done but on a bigger scale - excited to share more in due course! I’m also learning how to screenprint so hoping to release more prints in the near future.