Second Hand Clothing Marketplace

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Listing Your First Item 

Watch the short video below for instructions on how to list an item for sale.


At The Edit LDN, we like to keep things simple. When you sell an item and set your payout price, our fee is added on top—so what you see is what you get! No extra calculations, just your listed price straight in your pocket. We're all about easy selling and transparency.

If you need any help with selling process, please contact our Account Management team here.

Second Hand Clothing Marketplace

The Resale Movement

Our wardrobes are ever-rotating, and “second hand” is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, growing at a faster rate than the global clothing market overall.

In fact, Forbes have dubbed resale as the star of retail, for both consumers and brands, announcing that the second hand clothing marketplace is helping to democratise retail. Around 62% of Gen Z and Millennials say they look for an item second hand before purchasing it new, believing it to be a good ethical choice and more accessible than specialist sustainable items. This is having a significant impact on the world of streetwear and sneakers, with second hand displacing almost one billion new purchases in 2021.