Her Edit LDN: A Day in the Life of Our Content & Social Director

Hi, I'm Kate! You've probably read some of my interviews with the amazing Bethany Ferns and the wonderfully talented Titi Finlay. Well, today it's all about me! As part of Her Edit LDN, I'll be taking you through a typical day of what it's like to be the Content & Social Director at The Edit LDN. It sounds very fancy, I know, so let's get to it!

Her Edit LDN: A Day in the Life of Our Content & Social Director

I wake up, and immediately check The Edit LDN's Instagram for any tags or comments I need to respond to. Go to pack my bag (I really should have done this the night before, but a glass of wine watching Below Deck was more inviting). My shoe of choice for my outfit today is the Nike SB x Air Jordan 4 "Pine Green." Best W I’ve had in a long time.

Realise my bus to the overground is in two minutes so I hastily leave the house in a sweat. Phew.

My commute is taken up by scrolling through Instagram, keeping an eye out for any new drops, or people we might want to work with. TikTok is also a great source of inspiration for me at the moment, I’m obsessed with GRWM videos!

Morning meeting. We gather to discuss parts of the business that are having any wins or any challenges. This is where we find out any cool upcoming news and how well we've done in terms of orders so far. This week, my focus has been the upcoming Her Edit LDN panel talk, discussing the agenda, our speakers and logistics. It's all very juicy stuff.

Her Edit LDN: A Day in the Life of Our Content & Social Director

I head off to a meeting with an influencer agency to discuss some new collaborations for Coachella. Devastated my invite was lost in the post but here we are. Lots of cool new faces to be appearing on Her Edit Fridays!

Briefing the team on content to be taken for the weekend so we can schedule it, ready to go! This week, we’ve had the new Gucci x adidas collab in, and the SS23 Avirex collection. The temptation to buy them all is real. Content will be planned for Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Preparation is key, people.

Lunch! I’m yet to find my ideal lunch spot in Shoreditch, so if anyone has any recommendations please send 'em over. Today, I settled on a wrap from Butchies but had to wait 20 mins. Hangriness activated.

Prepping for our first ever Her Edit LDN panel talk is my main priority for the next week. The panellists have been prepped, the location has been sorted, and invites have been sent out. I just need to work on my mediator game. Excited to be in a room full of inspirational women (and tequila, of course).

Chatting to our wonderful investor Lala about her posts for April and the concept of the shoot. She's based out in Brooklyn and posting the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 "Brooklyn" (see what we did there). It's important to keep everything we do with our investors and ambassadors authentic for both brands!

Making sure all our Stories have been created for the weekend for any deals, new products, or polls. Engagement with our audience is v important! I had a last minute call with a new sports agency over in the USA (working at The Edit means always being on different time zones) to chat to some new NIL & NFL players. Exciting!

Home I go, and copy of Elle Magazine in hand. I get so much inspo from print media for content. You always have to be one step ahead!

Her Edit LDN: A Day in the Life of Our Content & Social Director