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Known for being a streetwear influencer, Willy has amassed a following of 225,000 on Instagram and counting. He can always be found in the latest outfits from Off-White and Travis Scott to Supreme and even gives you the opportunity to buy his stuff via his @willys_sale page.

Here he talks to The Edit LDN.

For those that don’t know you, can you give us an intro to the man behind the hypebeast? 

I'm Willy, 30 years old and I'm from Leipzig in Germany - my life is all about clothes, shoes and tattoos.


When did you start out and how did you create such a following?

I've been doing this for almost 10 years, starting with a blog but for the last six years I've been doing it more on IG. My passion was simply to show my daily outfits to the people who follow me and it seems that some people liked it and that's why I grew quite well.


What is it about the streetwear scene that has captivated you so much?

The variety, the many possibilities to combine things in it's own way and above all the drive of creative people who conjure something new out of the hat almost daily.

We see you wear a range of brands but if you could only pick three to wear for the next year, which would you go for?

Supreme, Root Tattoo & for basics stuff everything from Weekday. 


What is your most grailed item? 

Nike SB What The Dunk atm.

How many sneakers do you own and which are the top two you could not live without? 

My collection became smaller and smaller over the years because it simply became too much for me. On the peak I had about 600 pairs, today there are about 130. Now I always need my Yeezy Turtle Dove and the Off White Chicago AJ1.


What do you think about the streetwear scene at the moment? Do you think it's evolving or stagnating?

It is a constant development. I'm just a bit afraid that certain things are developing too fast and maybe you should slow down again. Today, new trends come almost daily, just as fast as they go again. You can't spend as much money as new things come along and I don't like that.


What would you say was the coolest collaboration over the last year and why?

I've had so many cool collaborations that I can't say exactly which one was the best. I have had the privilege of working with Nike for several years now, which is my favourite sneaker brand. Therefore I am very happy :) 

Is there anyone in the streetwear scene that you look up to and why? 

All the people I follow on IG are an INSPO for me, no matter in which way. And of course there are so many more people out there who influence me every day and without whom I would not be where I am now. But there is not this one person from whom I have all my "skills".


Who is cooler – Kanye or Travis?

I’m more into Team Travis!


If we gave you £1,000 to spend on which three items would you choose and why? 

Cactus Plant Flea Market x CGD Smiley Face, Be Kind T-Shirt - Because I missed the drop and love the design (pictured below).

Awake NYC Michelle Obama T-Shirt - Because she’s an inspiration since years for me.

Chanel tennis balls - Just for flexing :D

And finally, what is next in store for you and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

Many good things, I’ll promise – but I wont tell you too much for the moment. Surprise <3


Check out Willy's Instagram page here: @willy

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