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Most of us know Dani, commonly known as @wideawakearthquake, as a top sneaker influencer and an ambassador for the LGBTQI+ community. She’s amassed over 59,000 followers on Instagram and has a sneaker collection most would be envious of. 

Here she talks to The Edit LDN.Can you give our readers a little intro about yourself?

Hey there! My name is Dani. I am a content creator and DJ based in Berlin. You probably could call me sneakerhead because I am really obsessed with sneakers. Furthermore, I like to play with fashion, especially streetwear.

What does Wideawakearthquake stand for?

Basically it is a description of myself and stands for:
“Remember the last experience that shook you up and caused your inner earth to quake? Life is too short for mediocre feelings! So keep your heart wide open and your mind awake.”

You are known to most people as a top sneaker influencer. What are your thoughts on sneaker culture at the moment? Is there anything you would change?

Oh thank you, I feel honored ;)

The industry currently runs in very fast pace - I’d love to slow it down a little bit.  We are not really able to enjoy a dope pair because the next one is already in the pipeline. I think it would be more exciting and fun if we would have much more time between the releases.There was a lot of outrage around the Chunky Dunky and the idea that skate shops were ‘backdooring’ them. What are your thoughts on this?

The “Chunky Dunky`s” is such a cute pair and I am very lucky that I got one. I work for a sneaker store (SNS/Sneakersnstuff) and we hear the word “backdoor” very often. I never experienced that in my store but I do know people who experienced that in some other skate-shops. Honestly, I think it is not fair, especially if the stock is so low and chances of winning also. I mean if you have a skateshop, you kind of representing a culture where people shop and hang out. Eventually this is the reason for the success of your skateshop. With ‘Backdooring’ you are actually taking advantage of this culture. 

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? Which are your top three at the moment?

Uff.. I have never counted them. Maybe 40-60 pairs - I try be more selective and only keep the ones I truly love. My Top 3 at the moment are: Travis Scott SB Dunk, Stussy x Nike Spiridon, Off White Jordan 4.

You wear a lot of Nike sneakers and own a lot of Dunks and Jordan’s. If you could only wear one style for the rest of the year, would it be Jordan 1s or Dunk Low’s?

I think I would go with Jordan 1s for the rest of the year. If you would ask for the rest of my life I would probably say Air Force 1. I think this is actually an ultimate classic - you can really never go wrong with them 😇If you could pick three sneakers on The Edit Man London site, which would you pick and why?

Nike Air Force 1 Low Kith Japan - Dope shoe, nice colorway and impossible to get in Europe (*pictured below)

Jordan 1 High Aleali May Shadow - still missing in my collection

Nike Air Jordan Mid Maison Chauteau Rouge - love the colors and still mad I didn’t cop last year.You are also into Supreme. Which three Supreme items would you pick from our site and why?

The white Supreme Air Forces, my size was so hard to get

Supreme x Nike Reversible Vest - you can style it very easily, love this piece (*pictured below).

Supreme x CDG Baseball Shirt - I love Baseball Shirts  ❤️Changing the subject slightly - you’re an active ambassador for the LGBTQI+ community. What can you tell us about your work there?

I try to be open about me being gay as much as I can. I think that this helps to normalise LGBTQI+ topics over time. People do reach out to me if they have any questions about coming out or being gay. I am very happy to help where I can.

I want to break the cliches that people have about most lesbians - short hair, ‘masculine’, all the same styles. There is so much more on the spectrum of expressing yourself - it does not have to be binary.

In general, I use my media channel as much as I can for the community. Last year I designed a shirt to collect donations for an organization in Berlin. New project coming soon 😊Do you think the sneaker world embraces the LGBTQI+ community or is there more work that needs to be done?

Unfortunatley, the sneaker community is still very hetero masculine with small represenation of female leaders and small representation of the LGBTQI+ community. It is nice when there are some pride sneaker drop offs during pride season but brands shouldn’t forget that there is also a community existing outside of this season. There are some changes happening but very slow. If you look at Poland for example - some places in the world are actually taking steps back. Therefore, representation is very important to raise awareness and acceptance for the community.

Do you have any projects you’re working on at the moment that you could tell us about? 

I will continue my collaboration with Nike in the future, so there are a few nice things coming up. Stay tuned ;)We saw you created your own T-shirt. How did you find the process of creating your own product and will we be seeing more from you? 

Yes! It was a charity project I did last year and people loved it so that the project was very successful. That’s why I am currently working on the next one .. can`t wait to show it to you very soon.

Lastly, for most people 2020 has been an interesting year. What can we expect to see from you in the future?

2020 is really a crazy year! What I can say is that I will try to continue to surprise you with nice content and some exciting projects. Stay tuned and look out for my new T-Shirts on @wideawakearthquake!

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