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Hi Celeste! Can you give our readers a little introduction about yourself? 

Hey guys! Yes, for sure! So my name is Celeste, 29 and I pretty much live in both the US and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I started Celmatique in 2014, eventually growing out to be a brand people can relate to. I hope to inspire others to be themselves, only by doing the same. 


Where did the inspiration come from to launch Celmatique? and what can you tell us about it?
I have always dressed very colourful, but I noticed at a young age not a lot of people had the courage to fully express themselves as they would like clothing wise. I have a journalism background and with both of my parents working in the fashion industry, I gained a lot of knowledge on style and use of colour. I found a way to bring all those things together and started Celmatique as a blog. I think that the way you dress is very much connected to how well you know yourself. The more you know who you are (and love yourself for it), the more you will be able to express that through your style. That was and still is my vision with Celmatique. 


You've got an amazingly distinctive style, can you talk us through some of your influences? 

Thank you so much. Looking back, it’s safe to say I have always been most influenced by the Hiphop culture. I used to be a professional dancer back in the day, before Journalism (yeah I had quite the journey, lol). From the music to the clothes, it’s the culture that shaped me the most. 


Your bio states that ‘colourful’ is your favourite colour... but what actually is your favourite colour? 
Hahah, true! It’s just me saying I love all colours together, that makes them so great. But if I have to pick one, it’s yellow. Colours are light and well.. yellow is the brightest of them all. 


We can see you're a Dunk fanatic. Lets have a quick fire round;
High’s or Low’s?

Oeeehhh, okay, well it so much depends on the CW... But I’d go for Low’s. They’re just a little more versatile for me when it comes to outfits. When wearing skirts or shorts for example, I rather wear Low’s than High’s.
Easter’s or Panda’s?
OH! Talking about the Easter’s, real quick: before they came out, I was MAD excited. But then when they actually launched and I managed to get them, the pink turned out way brighter and not so much pastel.. Disappointing, not gonna lie. But yeah either way, I’m still picking Easter’s over Panda’s. I’m all about colour you know!
Low dunks in either Kentucky Blue or Low Coast Blue?
Both really good, but I’mma say Coast Blue. 


Talking about choosing favourites, what are your top 5 sneaker picks right now?
When it comes to what I wear most: 

1. Dunk low Syracuse

2. Dunk low Veneer

3. Jordan 1 Melody Ehsani

4. Jordan 4 Retro OG Fire Red

5. Dunk High Varsity Maize

But if we’re talking about the top 5 I own that I think are the dopest: 

1. Dunk High Invert Celtics

2. Dunk low SB Ben & Jerry’s

3. Jordan 1 Melody Ehsani

4. Dunk low SB Chicago

5. all the Nike Dunk High By You pairs I made.


Choosing from The Edit LDN site, if you had an unlimited budget what three items would you pick?
I saw the Jordan 4 Union Guava Ice on the site and was like YAAAY. But unfortunately not my size. So in that case I’m gonna go for...

The Jordan 1 High Turbo Green

The Dunk Low Brazil (I love that CW so much)


 and the Jordan 1 x A Ma Maniére. 



Whats the fashion and sneaker scene like in the Netherlands compared to the US?

There are definitely some differences. The Netherlands (NL) is obviously a lot smaller than the US, so logically our fashion and sneaker scene is too. But what I believe to be most significantly different is the influence of (college) sports in the US. It’s literally everywhere. Kids grow up with it and many aspire a career as an athlete. The NL's doesn’t have that. Simply put.. The sneaker scene originates from American sports. We all know the story of Michael Jordan. But take the Nike Dunk for example. It was released in 1984 as Nike’s original team shoe and came in several colorways to match some of the top schools across the US (Kentucky, Michigan etc). Until this day, sports is still their biggest influence. In fashion as well. The NL's on the other hand.. just kinda takes multiple influences (American culture, music, European fashion) and mixes it all together. 


Who are some other instagram influencers that have inspired some of your content?
I can get inspiration from so many things. But since we’re talking Instagram; I personally love it when people have their own specific style. Here are a few peeps you should def follow: my girl @waytamonzon, @nxcv.a, @elbavdh, @kimberlyskinny, @danclemt and @sausagelord. 


Lastly, is there anything you wish to share with our readers that we may not have already touched upon?
Nope! Thanks so much for having me <333 

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