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For those that don’t know you can you introduce us to Reekado Banks?

Reekado Banks was born Solomon Ayoleyi Hanniel and really became Reekado Banks in 2014. I use to bare Spicy before I changed my name to Reekado Banks just when I got signed to Mavin Records.. I changed the name from Spicy because there was somebody else on the radio bearing that name so it was like a fresh start and we had to come up with a name and I had to carry the name.. and that was how the name Reekado Banks came about.You're about to release ‘OFF THE RECORD’- what can you tell us about what to expect from the EP?

The EP is 7 amazing songs, were I express myself in about light, love, life and reality.. They’re just really amazing songs that are dear to me, I’ve had some of them for a while and some of them in a shorter time. But every song on the EP, I was excited to create.

Which is the track you’re most proud of on the EP and why?

Oh! Track 1 to 7 (laughs) I’m proud of all of them, every track touches on different topic so it’s not easy to pick a favorite because they appeal to different moods. I could want to say ‘You Dey Mad’ to somebody.. I could want to say speak to me to a girl I’m interested and I’m trying to hear what she has to say to me.. so you know I don’t have a favorite, every one of those songs are blessed in it’s ways..

You’ve amassed a whopping 6 million Instagram followers and had over 170 million streams worldwide. How did it all begin for you?

I didn't know I had over a hundred and 70 million streams, that sounds like a lot to me.. but that’s bygone right! I can’t wait to get to the billion..Lockdown has been quite an interesting time for all of us. How has this impacted you and your music?

Uhm!.. Personal growth and so I’ve grown business wise, music wise, everything.. The lockdown was in time we didn’t know much to do.. but I definitely used mine for personal growth.. I was out in Gabon, there wasn’t much to do, but I had a good time living by the beach and just spending more time with myself than I had ever spent before and more time away from everybody I know.. so it was really adventurous accompanied with a good time and good experience.

Flipping into fashion, we see you like your brands including Fear of God - how do you describe your style?

Fear of God is very comfortable and I really like comfy at many times.. many other times, I can as well do other brands I need to rock (laugh), but I feel good if it’s really comfortable and I really like comfortable clothes.. so I like any other brand that is really comfortable.

Talking of brands, are you a team Yeezy or a team Jordan?


If we gave you an unlimited budget, which three items would you pick from our site?

I would pick a PS5, Nike x Sacai Vaporwaffle Royal Fuchsia (*pictured below) and a Jordan 1 Mid Dirty Powder Iridescent.Jordan Air Dior’s were one of the hottest collaborations of the year. What were your thoughts on those sneakers and do you think the price tag of nearly £2,000 was justified?

I really had no thoughts on them but if I liked them so much I would get them.

Back to music, your debut album was in the top 10 in Billboard World Albums Chart which is a huge achievement. How did that feel and what did you do to celebrate?

Uhm!.. It felt good, I didn’t really know how deep that felt at the time. But it really felt good to be on the global thing and see my songs widely recognised.. but now, knowing everything I know now that was an amazing time, and I can’t wait to do more.. For celebration, I didn't really do anything to celebrate because I really didn't know how big it was.We hear that the EP was due to be only five tracks but you added RORA and YOU DEY MAD. We know YOU DEY MAD means a lot to you. What can you tell us about that track?

The song is an amazing song first of all and it features Attifaya. The song also speaks on an important topic which deals with humans and unsolicited opinions from people and every other topic prone to them. I think it’s a perfect song for the time which makes sense to me.

Are you working on any projects that you’re able to tell us about?

Oh! Yes.. I’m working on my Album “DADDY TO MANY” and it will be due for release summer next year (June-July) by Gods grace.

Lastly, what can we expect to see from you in 2021?

Uhm! Expect ‘DADDY TO MANY’ the album and hopefully the world is gonna come back to normal, so we can continue the tour plans and shows gonna start.

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