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Daecolm is a British RnB singer who has produced, written songs for and performed tracks with huge stars from Chris Brown and Mario to Tory Lanez and Ella Mai. He is currently working with Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Mario, Wes Nelson and on his own album at the same time.

Here is his interview with The Edit LDN.

For those who don’t know you yet, can you tell our audience who is Daecolm?

I’m one of those kids you hear about through your musician friends at the moment, I like to agree with those that feel I’m a “best kept secret” antidote for music especially in the Hip Hop and RnB world. Other than that, just a regular kid coming from the plains of Africa living life in London!

How would you describe your music?

I’m all about RnB, that's the foundation for anything I create. I love to fuse RnB with every and any genre, can never go wrong with RnB music!! I don’t even want to set any expectations for people that read this, I want to be just as surprised by whatever I do myself as anybody who listens to my music would too... Hopefully!!

You’ve worked with some big names. Who has been your favourite person to work with?

I think everyone is different and I have different reasons for different people. Working with A-list artist is great but can also come with a lot of challenges and hurdles to jump through to get to the finish line of having a release with them. I love working with new hungry artists too that can be developed.

What can you tell us about working with RnB superstars Mario and Chris Brown?

I think it's an amazing opportunity and experience to say I have done so. You learn so much from them as individuals but you also realise like yo, these people are also human beings! Very relatable and driven to music and success! I’ve grown a lot individually with my own music from being around artists of their calibre. 


For those chasing the same dream, how did you get into the music industry and do you have any advice for any aspiring singers that might be reading this?

I would honestly say don’t ever let defeat defeat you!! Sometimes when the moments are the hardest, is when success is just on the other side of that wall. You just need to get passed that blockage or discouragement.. Be individual, be crazy, it's ok to have the most insane nuts ideas that nobody believes will work. Often people will tell you things won't work because they can't see it themselves. It's okay to take criticism and other peoples perspectives on board but it's also okay to realise it's just their opinion.


You are currently working on Wes Nelson's (from Love Island) album. Can you shed some light on this?

That's been really interesting for me as it's been in this period of COVID-19 lockdown!! We’ve been working remotely and online but the synergy has been unmatchable.. so much that I had a birthday the other day and my whole family went to Wes’s house lol. I haven’t even met the fella officially yet! Haha

Do you have any personal projects in the works you can talk about?

I do! But they're honestly so personal to me that I want to keep them in developing stages and figure them out as time goes on but.. I’m very excited about two particular projects I’m working on right now! Sorry I can't say any more! :( 

You’ve performed all over the world. What can you tell us about the audiences in different countries and how does UK's compare?

I think the UK can be a very tough crowd to crack! UK receives music very differently to the rest of the world! All parts of the world that I’ve travelled to and been lucky to perform in have been a great experience to take from and learn.

Do you have any tails of performing ‘bad’ gigs or slightly ‘obscure’ ones?

I don’t recall a bad gig really!! I do remember having technical difficulties at some gigs but it's part of the industry, you're gonna experience this at some point for sure! 

Onto fashion - do you have a particular sense of style?

Yes, all things Urban matched with a little smart is so dope. I like to feel I can dip and dive into experimental fashion, things people wouldn’t go for straight away! Big fan of Jordans, Axel Arigato, Off White, Christian Dior etc.

Are you team Yeezy or team Jordan?

As previously stated Jordan takes that W for me! Love Kanye though so Yeezy is not far off behind. 

If you had to perform with your favourite singer or an idol, what items would you wear from site?

I need them Off White Chicago Nike editions!!! Ooh and also them Gucci ones I tagged you guys in (Goes off to find them real quick and send to The Edit Man London!!)

Lastly, what can we expect next from Daecolm?

Honestly just a lot more content. More work, more love. I love to show how passionate I am about my work, I love to song write for others whilst working on my own stuff! I have been thinking about developing an artist too! 


You can follow Daecolm on Instagram on @daecolm

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