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We know you for being a professional rugby player who starred in The X Factor: Celebrity. How did you end up on the show?

I was seen singing on a feature for BT sport before the Premiership cup, which was actually my TV debut. My agent then was actively looking for music opportunities and I got the invite to sing for the producers, I then met Ben Foden and Thom Evans and we went on from there.


How did it feel stepping out for the first time in front of all of those legendary musician’s, producers & artists in the initial audition phase?

Stepping out in front of all those big names was actually where I felt most comfortable.

Performing is something I’ve done since I was young, whereas the tv side of things and the media exposure is what took a bit of getting used too.

Don’t get me wrong, adrenaline was high and I just absolutely loved it out there.


What was your favourite moment on The X Factor: Celebrity?

Favourite moments have to be the gold buzzers. We weren’t expecting one, let alone two, so they were amazing to receive.

That and the surrealness of filming in LA, in the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. I definitely want to go back as soon as possible.


What can you tell us about Simon Cowell. Is he really as small as he looks on TV?

What I can tell you about Simon, he is a great guy and really knows his stuff. What you see on TV is only a snippet of what we get to see, he's great.


Who were the people you got closest to and why? And do they remain friends now?

Everyone on the show was amazing and actually we had a really tight cast, Id say everyone was amazing and got on really well, so no one in particular to be honest.

What can you tell us about playing professional rugby and do you think it’ll help you with your singing career?

Rugby in particular has had a huge influence on my life and it has instilled discipline and work ethic into me as a person and so while continuing to be the best I can be in rugby, I believe it will also help me pursue a career in music.

I would actually like to keep both of them separate and be known in my own right in both worlds.

I just want people to know me for what I produce not a show or a sport to prop me up, although inevitably it does help. I just want them to relate to my music, my message and hopefully it can help them too. Fucking boring I know aha 


You’ve been very open that singing is a passion for you, who are the artists you look up to and why?

Ahh I love Anderson Paak, Khalid and i'd say Prince. I love the way all of them are top in their fields and are trend setters and that’s what I aspire to be.

You’ve told us you’re releasing music later on this year. What will your style be and what can we expect to hear from you?

Absolutely, its an exciting year for me and there's lots I need to put in place before I do release but my EP and singles from that will start to be released this year which is massively exciting for me.

What you can expect is music that speaks to you and that you can relate too. The lyrics are raw and if you can't hear that in the pop versions, you'll definitely hear that in the stripped back piano versions, so i'm looking forward to being able to share that experience with people.


You mentioned you have a song that tackles the big issue of knife crime. Can you tell us more?

So, this so is something that is close to my heart. I grew up in an area where this was prevalent and my going into foster care and moving away from Chelmsley wood and Birmingham at that time and the age I was at, although my family and friends were there, really saved me from getting involved in things like this. So one of my songs is related to that.

Me finding myself away from that, although the line “knife crime” isn’t directly in there, without giving too much away, it is effectively about how you evolve through life and finding yourself and working towards your dream is key to working out of situations.


Changing the subject to fashion for a moment, what brands do you typically wear and how would you describe your style?

I typically wear high street brands like AllSaints, but do love rocking a Yeezy when I'm just chilling and walking around. For events I really like suits and brands like Acne Studios for suits, vibrant colours like pink, red, or light brown/orange even, In the future I would quite like my sense of style to reflect the direction my music is going in.


If you were only allowed to wear Air Jordan’s or Yeezy’s for the rest of the year, which would you prefer and why?

I'd have to go with Yeezy's. I enjoy the look of both shoes, but I do prefer Yeezy's for style and comfort combined... and I like the meaning behind how the name was originally made.

Looking at – If you were going on a date tonight, what three items would you choose to wear from our site?

I've gone for full LV: 

1) Louis Vuitton x Supreme Leather Varsity Jacket


2) Louis Vuitton Half and Half Monogram Jumper 


3) Louis Vuitton Barcode T-Shirt


Again, looking at – if you were given only £600 to spend and only allowed to buy one item - what would you buy and why?

For me, the way the leopard work shirt has to be how fun it is, it’s something I can see myself wearing just walking down the high street or in town with friends. 


Back to music, you not only sing but you play instruments too – what do you play and can we expect you to be playing live instruments at concerts in the future?

I'm very much still in the developmental stages of learning the guitar and the piano, I have started writing music with these instruments and have studied music theory for a while so I know my way around them.

At the moment I leave it to the guys I write with and the session (musicians) guys to play, but in future 100% my goal is to be playing my music and singing back to whatever audience is there.

At the minute though without having released anything, that would be a man and his dog. So, I certainly have time before that is an eventuality. 

Before we go, what can we expect from Levis Davis in the future?

Well, I have deep roots in sport, and so I would like to pursue that in a further professional capacity.

However, I also have a connection and a passion for music. So as previously stated I am preparing to pursue this fully also. I would be the first UK sportsman, or rugby player at least, to do this. Which would be awesome in its own right.

I very much want to tour, I very much want to have No. 1 singles and the accolades that come with that, come with that, it’s not something you can control and nor would I wish to be able to do so.

Mostly I just hope that I can change one person’s life through my music, if I do that, no matter what happens I’ve been successful. I didn’t come from much and I’ve been helped by numerous people throughout my life, now I just want to give back and I believe the best way I can do that is through music. That’s what TheLeLife is all about.


#BeDifferent #BeBrave #BeYou

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