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We are curious of the man behind Bloodysire, how would you introduce yourself to our readers? And what is the story behind the name?

I would describe myself as a life lover, I mean we’re all here for a reason and I found mine in fashion and styling. It inspires me and has done since I was a kid. My mum taught me to always take care of myself, to dress good no matter the occasion and to always love yourself!

The story behind the name "Bloodysire" is really simple to be honest. I've always loved listening to music, that’s part of my life. When I was a teenager the 'Long Live A$AP' album came out and I was really hyped about it. One of my favourite songs was "Phoenix" and the first word of the song was "Bloody". I questioned myself because at that time I was not that confident in speaking English. Once I found the meaning of it and the colour associated to it, I fell in love with. The second part is about my childhood, I’ve always been treated as a little prince. By this, I mean my whole family and strangers would say I was the prettiest and the best dressed in the room. That’s why I’ve combined the two words because when the Sire walks in the room it becomes bloody for others. 


How would you describe your journey becoming an influencer?

It just came naturally, I never planned all this. To be honest, the more natural you stay the more efficient you’ll be in this industry. I just started for fun at first because I love clothes and striking poses in them... that’s all. At the beginning I was really not serious about it and then it became more and more real for me.


Where did your love for sneakers and streetwear begin, what are some key differences between your style now compared to say 5 years ago?

When I was a child I always wanted new sneakers and new stuff to dress myself in to parade around at school. I've loved sneakers ever since I was a kid. From Nike TN's to Adidas ClimaCool, my love for sneakers and streetwear has been real from day one. Because of my influence from the US and my love for sports, I like to stay comfy yet remain ready so that I can always go for a run or play football.

I would say that there’s not a lot of differences in my style today compared to 5 years ago to be honest. The main fact is that I’m more confident than before when dressing myself, enabling "the real me". 


Jordan's or Yeezy’s? Whats your thoughts on a potential Ye and Jordan collab?

Jordan forever ahah! I've never been a Yeezy’s fan. From the 350's to the Foam's, I've never wanted any of them. Jordan's play a part in my love for sneakers because when I was a kid I dreamt about getting a pair. For me, Jordan 4's have always been my favourite model, I truly love them! 

I would not be open for a collab between Jordan and Yeezy because I think it would look like a Yeezy more than a Jordan.


Justin Bieber just released his Drew brand, what are your thoughts on his collection? 

Yeah I saw a lot of people with this brand on IG and even in real life. I like the vibe, very colourful. You can even feel the good vibes and the good spirit he wanted to bring from him to the brand. So for me he succeed by launching this, so congrats Justin 👏🏽


Hard question but if you had to pick, what are your top 2 pieces of content on your instagram from 2021 and what makes these so special?

Hard question that’s true ! The first one would be this one : 


This one represents to me well - always clean, trying to match things the best I can. I was in a pink shooting session with a friend of mine and we were walking in Paris. I just saw this beautiful shop which matched my fit, so I thought that's it, that's the shot!  This one is special because I love the colour coordination, it just gives visual satisfaction as I love to say ahah! 

The 2nd one would be this one : 


I’m a big fan of cars in general. From luxury to sports models, I've been fascinated since I was a kid! So I was obliged to go see this one during Fashion week at L’Art De L’automobile pop up store with the association of Porsche. I found this amazing concept car that was retro and futuristic at the same time. I couldn’t resist taking a quick shot as the fit matched the car so well. A big thanks to my friend because you can’t see it but in front of me was like 50 people waiting to see this car to take pictures as well. This one is a different type of colour coordination; colour-blocking, with the green and orange making a great combo. This is also visually satisfying for me.


If The Edit LDN gave you £1.5k to spend on the site, what items you picking?

Hard to chose and hard to respect the budget ahah but as a sneakerhead I would go for rare things. I would chose two models that I've definitely missed...


Jordan 3 x A Ma Maniere White




New Balance 550 Aime Leon Dore Natural Green


Sorry I didn’t respect the budget at all lol. 


You use a lot of colour blocking in your styling, have you got any do’s and dont’s for people looking to do the same?

Yes I do. That’s why I said earlier that I was a life lover. Our planet is naturally enriched with colour. Look at the birds for example, they are so colourful and the colour combinations are set already. So I take inspiration from nature and its natural form first. 

⚠️  I would recommend not doing too much because you can definitely over do it so be cautious to combine the right colours together. Also, I would recommend matching colours of your outfit to your skin tone too.


What is going to be your forecast on fashion trends for 2022?

For 2022, I will go back to the basics while at the same time trying new stuff so that I am always improving myself in fashion and as a man too. Streetwear will always be a part of myself and I’m convinced that it will always be part of fashion now. I need to travel this year to get some dope inspo. 


We see you are based in France. What can you tell us about the Paris sneaker scene?

Yes I come from Paris 🇫🇷

The sneakers scene in Paris is growing year after year. There has been a big growth recently but originally in the city you could always find a lot of sneakerheads from my generation (90’s) and a lot from previous generation. There is a big story about streetwear in France with Lacoste and the Nike TN's so that’s why Paris is the main place for this in my opinion.


Which brands have you collaborated with and how did those executions come to life?

I've collaborated with a lot of brands as I have been in this industry for many years now. One example is with Asos. They were the first big brand I did a deal with and that was quite exciting because that was the beginning for me. Another example would be my partnership with Taka Original because I always did the coolest stuff with them, I enjoyed this partnership a lot. 


Can you give us a look behind the curtain, what are some of the coolest perks you've had as a result of being an influencer?

The coolest perks about being an influencer are the basics to be honest. The fact that people recognise me and show me love about my work or when they say "you inspired me"... that means the world to me. That’s the coolest thing about being an influencer, influencing people and giving them inspiration. 

I can’t lie being an influencer can present you with opportunities to travel and get a lot of gifts like clothes or other stuff. Although that’s also a really good part of being an influencer, it is not the most important for me!


Lastly, what does Bloodysire have in store for 2022? What can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

2022 will be a crucial year for me. I want to go further in the industry, leave my mark and build a legacy. I can’t tell you exactly what I got in store as I’m still thinking about it but I will keep you updated for sure :)

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