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Firstly, tell us about yourself... how did you first get into fashion influencing and content creation, whats the journey been like? 

It’s very crazy to me still and I am so grateful for it all. Back when I was about 21/22, I would post my everyday outfits that I wore to work when working at Topshop and then when I would go to festivals and events at the weekend I would put more unique outfits together and was just constantly posting pictures of everything I wore. That continued for a couple of years and gradually my following just grew naturally. People seemed to like the outfits I was putting together and eventually I had smaller brands contacting me asking to collaborate which then developed into bigger, well known brands contacting me. I feel like I was really lucky I started doing it when I did as Instagram has really changed over the last couple of years and it is a lot harder nowadays to stand out. I have always stayed true to my style and I have stuck with a theme of not showing my face in my posts to make it all about the outfit and nothing else. Honestly over the years it has helped me grow my confidence. I’ve always been a very shy person, never believing in myself but Instagram helped me show my creativity through putting outfits together. Seeing that people enjoy and appreciate that is honestly the most amazing feeling.


How would you describe your fashion style? 

I have always been a tomboy at heart with my outfits. I think that came from having a twin brother. I’d rather be comfy and to feel confident in my outfits, wearing baggy and lose clothes. A slightly more girly side will come out every now and then when I am experimenting with different styles or planning a dressier outfit but I don’t feel as comfortable. I dress for myself, always have and always will and I think that’s how everyone should be…whatever makes you feel your best and most confident. 


What are some of your all time favourite brands? And what are your top go to brands at the moment. 

I mix and match with brands all the time, recently I’ve noticed I have been shopping a lot on ASOS because it has such a wide range of brands as well as their own ASOS design range which always has the coolest pieces. Some of my go to brands would be Sister and Seekers, The Couture Club, Adanola and definitely Nike or Converse for my feet! 

Personally I feel like these brands have something in common where you know and trust the quality of the clothes/shoes will be amazing. The designs/styles are spot on, you can always rely on the sizing to be the same, plus I would always know how to accessorise their pieces. I do shop with a lot of other highstreet brands online and in store but I do struggle sometimes as it really is hit and miss with sizing, quality and styles. 

Would you consider yourself a sneakerhead? 

A little bit, I know there are so many people out there that are huge sneaker heads who have an insane collection which mine doesn’t quite compare to! However, I feel like my love for sneakers has grown a lot more over the last couple of years and it will definitely continue! 


How many sneakers do you reckon you have in your collection? 

I would probably say just over 25 but of course I’m going to keep on adding! You can never have too many sneakers. Jordan 1’s and Nike Dunks are what I have most of, I love the different colourways. I do prefer high tops rather than lows but I still own both and both styles still look unreal with outfits! 


How would you describe your experience in this industry as a young female? 

One thing I do love in this industry is the appreciation and positivity that females give to one another, boosting each others confidence and encouraging creativity. But that aside, I do struggle with my confidence in the way I look; physically with my features and body shape. Seeing so many other perfect females on social media all the time, I would be lying if I said I don’t compare myself to others. I feel like as a female we are under a lot of pressure to look perfect and have the perfect life/lifestyle. I have to remind myself that we only see one side of everyone’s lives on social media and that we don’t see the behind the scenes.


You seem to love Nike! Which is your favourite silhouette? 

Definitely Jordan 1’s for sure. They complete every outfit making the whole look effortlessly cool! 


Are you more into street wear or casual wear? Sneakers or boots/heels? 

More street wear for me, I am very much a tomboy at heart with my style. One of my favourite things to do is go up to London and just look at what people wear in urban areas. I take inspiration from everywhere, adding your own street style on to it. 100% sneakers no doubt about it. 


What is the most prized possession in your wardrobe? 

So my Jordan 1 Dark Mocha’s are my babies!! I was on a mission to try and get these, I entered so many raffles, setting alarms on the release date and didn’t have any luck, I was gutted but I didn’t give up. I worked hard, saved more money and finally got them. Seeing them in my sneaker collection makes me so so happy!! 


Looking at The Edit Ldn site, what three items would be on your wish list right now? 

Wish list 

•Off-white x air Jordan 4 sail (owning these would make my life)


•Drew house mascot deconstructed hoodie light yellow 


•Nike SB dunk low Travis Scott



Have you done any cool brand collabs that you would like to share with us? And if you could choose one brand to partner up with, which one are you choosing and why? 

I recently worked with Girl Knows All new collection with Liv Guy all about ‘live happy’ which dropped last Friday. It’s such a cool, uplifting, comfy collection with a few different coloured tracksuits and tees which is my favourite kind of pieces. 

I would love to partner with Pangaia I just love the colours, the quality and style of it all. I will alway love a tracksuit clashing the clothes with different coloured trainers. 


Lastly is there anything exciting you have planned in store? 

This year I am focusing on trying to go out of my comfort zone and not doubt myself. I want to push myself to work with even bigger brands and do something I’ve never been able to do the whole time I’ve been fashion influencing. 


Thank you so much for getting me involved in this! 

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