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From what isn't already featured on your instagram, can you elaborate and tell us a little bit about the person behind @hellacreps ?

My names Moe and I’m a content creator with a passion for sneakers and streetwear. I was born and raised in London, UK but have dreams of travelling the world whilst I can. When it comes to fashion, what I wear has always been important to me from early and I cop anything from high-end luxury pieces to pre-loved vintage streetwear.


How would you describe your journey as a content creator so far? Has your taste in sneakers and opinions on streetwear changed since you first started?

It’s definitely been a wild journey. I’ve been creating content for a little over a year now and it’s been non-stop since I started. At the start it kind of took me a while to get into a flow of knowing what works for me and what content I enjoy creating but once I found my flow it’s been a lot easier. I wouldn’t say my taste in sneakers has changed drastically since I started, cos I been in the crep game for over 10 years now - but I’ve definitely explored more areas within streetwear. Streetwear is always changing as it is, I was rocking skinny jeans for a while but I don’t think I can get myself to rock them again any time soon lol.

Can you tell us about one of your top highlights of being a sneaker influencer so far?

Aside being able to work in an industry I’ve always loved, with brands I have always been a fan of - I think some of my top highlights over the last year has to have been all the events I’ve been able to go to since the lockdowns ended. I’ve been engaging with people and meeting new people on the gram all the time, so to actually meet them in person was a lit experience.


In retrospect, what would you say activated your love for sneakers and does your answer still resonate with you today?

Yeah for sure. Creps have always played a big part of the culture when I was growing up. It was always about what you had on feet and how you dropped it with the fit and I saw this all around me. I’m the oldest sibling myself but my older cousins used to put me on game from early. Don’t get me wrong, my mum played a big part in it as well because she used to always try get me in the coldest kicks when I was a kid, so shout out mumzy forreal. Those times it wasn't really about Jordans for me though - I think my love for those really turnt up when I went to America for the first time. All my people over there used to be repping the Jordans HEAVY. I remember coming back from the states and being on the Flight Club website everyday just hoping I could get some of those pairs.

Is there any advice you wish you had known in the early stages of your online growth that you would give to those who are becoming influencers today?

I think one of the most important things I’d tell anyone who wants take social media more seriously is stay consistent and have patience! When I started over a year ago, I would post every day and now I try to post around 3-4 times a week. It sounds like a lot but it’s something I really love doing so it doesn’t even feel difficult!


Just to throw in a curve ball question; If you weren't an influencer (creating content) right now, what else would you be doing?

Probably still living in Shanghai fam. Prior to starting my social media journey I was living in Shanghai and then the pandemic put a sudden end to that. I remember at the time I was travelling around Asia and was on a beach in Thailand when I booked a flight to come back to London and see my family. Little did I know the borders would then close when I tried to go back and since then I haven’t been back. It was PEAK. I literally had to get my whole apartment packed by a removal company and get all my stuff sent over to London. I see it as a silver lining though as being back home really pushed me to get cracking on something I really enjoy.


Can you describe to us your taste in sneakers and what are some factors that you consider to be important when copping a new pair of kicks?

I wanna say I have a wide taste in sneakers - there’s no set silhouette I wear all the time. Nikes and Jordans probably take up most of my collection but there’s also lots of Adidas/Yeezys, New Balances, Reeboks and more. The most important factor I gotta consider when buying creps is definitely how the shoe looks/colours compliment each other but comfort is a close second.

How many pair of shoes do you currently own and how would you describe the state of your wardrobe?

I haven’t actually counted how many shoes I have for a while now, but it’s definitely over 100 pairs. I keep having to build new shelving units in my room and finding more innovative ways to use the space I have available to store them all haha. At the moment my wardrobe is a state, I have literally no space to fit all my clothes bro - I’m definitely in need of a clear out soon.


If we gave you £2000 to put together an outfit from products off The Edit Ldn’s website, what would you select?

Ahh tough question! I think I would have to choose the CPFM ‘born again’ hoodie...

View Here


The Aime Leon Dore New Balance 550 in the green colour way...

View Here


A Drew House Beanie...


View Here

and lastly, the Buttercream essentials tee, styled with some light blue denim.


View Here

Are there any styles that have caught your eye so far in 2022 and do you have predictions for any trends that could possibly blow up for this new year?

Fashion is definitely cyclical and we seem to be going back to the era of baggier clothes and fitted caps and I’m with it. Long gone are my days of skinny jeans as I go back into the era of baggy cargos (shout out all the cargo crusaders) and loud, baggy denim. I feel like earthy tones are still the colours of the year with the more neutral tones being a favourite for me. I’ve proper been feeling the sweater vest vibe recently even tho I’m yet to buy one, I’ll try and make it my next purchase. And finally in terms of creps, I think New Balance still have a lot to give us this year and we’ve definitely got some exciting collaborations lined up too.

 Lastly, is there anything exciting that you are working on or have planned for this year that you would like to share with us?

I’ve got so many exciting projects coming up soon that I’m super excited to share with everyone. A few of them are still in early stages but I’m hoping to be able to share it with you all by next month for sure!


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