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Article: PJ TUCKER



Tucker is a self-proclaimed "sneaker-head" and owns thousands of pairs of sneakers, stored in several locations across the country. On August 22, 2016, SLAM named Tucker the solidified number 1 sneaker-head in the NBA, due to not only his number of shoes, but also their quality. Some of his shoes include rare "player edition" pairs of sneakers made for former NBA players such as Shawn Marion, Michael Finley, Josh Howard, and Eddie Jones, as well as some rare Terror Squad pairs designed by the rapper Fat Joe.
In 2020, Tucker signed a short-term content deal with eBay to help them boost their sales. The 'Sneaker Loft' showcased between 700 - 1000 of Tucker's most premium pairs. The collection included a pair of Nike SB Dunk Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Dunky" that he purchased on eBay for $2000. Tucker's relationship with eBay traces back to his University of Texas days when he was introduced to the platform by former Knick's assistant coach, Royal Ivey. 
In a June 2021 interview with GQ, Tucker said on his love of fashion: "What regular people call stuntin' is everyday life for me. Like, I get dressed up everyday. Everyday I leave the house, even if I just put on some sweats, it ain't just some sweats. I'm puttin' on something. I take my time to get dressed. I care about my appearance. If I look good, I play good. It all coincides, it all goes together, it's a chain reaction."