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Article: The Pre-Loved Lookbook: London Fashion Week

The Pre-Loved Lookbook: London Fashion Week

The Pre-Loved Lookbook: London Fashion Week

In a world where fast fashion has sadly become the norm, pre-loved fashion might just be the solution to the issue. According to a recent study, here in the UK, 10,000 pieces of clothing are thrown into landfill every five minutes, equating to around £140 million in value every year. In fact, on average, people throw out perfectly good clothing after just three wears. Shocking.

However, by wearing something for just nine months longer, you'll actually be able to reduce its carbon footprint by a whopping 20%. With London Fashion Week coming up just around the corner, we want to use this opportunity to showcase The Edit Pre-Loved, a sustainable new venture that's not only kind to your planet, but also your wallet. We have a vast selection of pre-loved apparel, accessories, and sneakers, and we'll be showing off some of favourites right here.

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Outfit #1: Take Flight

Even though summer is officially here, that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to bright, vibrant colours. If you want to arrive at London Fashion Week in style, this Supreme x Jean Paul Gaultier flight jacket from the NYC label's 2019 collection will be your best friend. 

Pair these with some matching track pants, a gorpcore-friendly tote bag, and layer it on top of a white T-shirt. As for trainers, you might want to opt for something on the cleaner side, but we really wouldn't blame you if you just went for even more brown instead.

Outfit #2: Let's Get Fendi

For those who want something a little on the cosier side, The Edit Pre-Loved has this awesome logo jacket from Fendi that beautifully shows off the Italian luxury fashion house's expertise with layering materials. 

Pair this with the Dior Travel Nomad Pouch and some white sneakers to take your LFW outfit to new heights.