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Article: Sneaker Authentication - Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott OG

Sneaker Authentication - Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott OG

Sneaker Authentication - Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott OG

Our sneaker expert, Fabrice, gives us some tips on how to tell whether a shoe is fake or real demonstrated on the Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott OG.

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Travis teased the release of this shoe while on his Astroworld tour, leaving fans intrigued to know when the shoe was dropping. Building off the success of their previous collaborations, Travis Scott adds yet another new design to his collaborative relationship with Jordan brand with the Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott. This AJ 1 Low features a black upper with dark brown overlays and red accents on the branding. Much like the Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott, a signature backwards Swoosh is used on the lateral side. Cactus Jack’s logo is also seen around the sneaker. 

A quick run down on how to deem a shoe authentic:

1. Firstly lets start with; The box

The Construction of the box - Within Nike products you can always get a damaged box however fakes are always more susceptible of this factor due to their poor construction. 

The Colour of the box - The real box tends to have richer tones unlike the fakes which show up more faded.

The Labels - Another telltale sign is how see through the labels are. Nike use a thicker white label where you are not supposed to see the colour of the box underneath. The ink printed on the labels are neat and not too bold. The fakes are more translucent. 

The Paper - What you should be feeling for is a slick and smooth type of  paper, opposed to the fakes which have a more waxy and sticky texture. Use the back of your hand to check, you don't want it to stick to your fingers!


 2. When it comes to the shoe itself you want to look out for the finer details and accessories:

The Laces - The authentic pair will have truer tones and will always be waxed . The fakes are unwaxed and have a slightly thicker string size. The lace bag should be clear and see through unlike the fakes which are cloudy.

The Insoles - The real pair will have the details on the insoles printed neatly and clearly whereas the fakes are blurry and slightly less coloured. Don't forget to check for the accuracy in stitching too.

The Material - The suede between the real and the fake is heavily different. When rubbing the suede there should be a change in colour align with the direction of movement. Take a look at the video ( 4 mins in) to see this demonstrated. 

The Cut-Outs - Lastly, with Nike all their products are mass produced meaning the work can be a little sloppier opposed to the fake pairs where they spend a lot more time on their products, meaning small details like the cut-outs are more likely to be cleaner/neater. 


Disclaimer - All our products sold at The Edit LDN are checked for 100% Authenticity.