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At The Edit LDN we know Siggy Smalls for being a top female DJ, she had her own radio show and has played some incredible gigs including Glastonbury, Tomorrowland and Burning Man to name a few.

Here she speaks to The Edit LDN. 

For those that don’t know you just yet, can you give us a little intro to who Siggy Smalls is?

Hey Guys! So Siggy Smalls is a Disco Diva who loves to play Music that is good for your soul :)


How did you get started and what is your style of music?

I used to have my own weekly radio show on MEATtransMISSION and really it all started from there. I had guests on my show and I was playing a lot of original disco which is quite hard to mix, eventually I started playing around with disco edits and learnt how to beat match and the rest is history!! My style is very much disco and vocal house - it's uplifting and makes people feel good.


You have had some great residences including Egg London – what can you tell us about playing the London scene?

I love the London scene so much, it's really helped to shape me to who I am today. I've gone from playing private events with Mark Ronson to playing in dark sweaty clubs all in one night, there is so much culture here and something for everyone.  

You have played at some incredible gigs including top festivals. How was your Glastonbury experience? 

Glastonbury was insane!! I played ‘Silver Hayes VIP’, so it was full of industry people letting their hair down, it was intimate and perfect, amazing for networking ;)


For those that have been to Burning Man, people say it’s a life changing experience. Do you agree? How does it compare to the UK gigs? 

Gosh, no words could describe Burning Man!! It's beyond any festival you would have ever been too, there's a real community there and so much art! Playing there was a dream come true and I feel very lucky I was given the opportunity… You can’t compare UK gigs to this, it's a totally different experience. You must go!!! 

Are there any artists that you’d love to work with?

I'm loving the UK scene and how the house scene is getting stronger and stronger especially from female DJ's and producers. I'm loving Jess Bays - she’s smashing it with the vocal house tracks and loving Saffron Stone’s style right now, they both are so sick!! I wouldn’t even mind a collaboration with Calvin Harris!! He’s got some decent tracks under his belt too, loving his new stuff!


Let's talk fashion - you have quite an individual style. How has your style developed over the years?

Oh thanks :) I wouldn’t really know, I guess my tattoos add an individual style to my look, along with my shaved hair. It's a strong look but I didn’t plan it haha, I used to have dreadlocks until last year, then I shaved them off for charity and kept my short look as it worked well and felt like it was a fresh start. ‘Grown and sexy’ as some would say haha.


If you had to pick, would you go for Yeezys or Jordans? 



If we gave you £1,000 to spend on our store, what items would you spend the money on?

Well if you gave me £1000 I would let you know :) haha just kidding!! It's tough as you have a lot of amazing brands and products, some sneakers and some bits from Travis Scott's collection, looks dope!


The music industry has had to adapt to a lockdown and of course the idea of playing in clubs again is placed on hold. How did you adjust to this?

It's not been easy this lockdown life!!! I've had good weeks and bad weeks adjusting but thankfully we have music. I've done a few live streams but it's not quite the same as playing in a club haha. I think by 2021 we will be back in full swing :)

Looking forward, are you working on any exciting projects you can tell us about?

Yes, I'm working with some producers in the studio writing and creating some music. It's still early days so work in progress, I'm still trying to find my sound in the studio. I had my Electroland gig postponed til 2021, which I was due to play 4th July 2020, warming up for Martin Garrix and Martin Solveig so buzzing for that!!!


To finish - what is next in store for Siggy Smalls? 

I guess you guys will have to keep following me to see what I’ve got tucked up my sleeve for the near future :)

Find her on Instagram @siggy_smalls

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