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With roots in San Antonio and Atlanta now calling home Los Angeles, Minus Gravity consists of friends since high school Mic Apollo, Sir Blaze and Rob Will. Making music together since 2014, they burst onto the scene in 2018 with debut single ‘Options’, produced by Grammy winner Rich Skillz (Robin Thicke, Nas, Ludacris). Here they speak with The Edit Man London.When and how did you guys come up with the idea of starting Minus Gravity? 

We were already a group called BDS MONSTAZ... we’ve been making music together for 13+ years. When we got to LA we went through so much, coming to Hollywood with nothing but a dream, as cliche as that sounds. We became Minus Gravity through our struggles, it means Nothing Can Hold You Down.

In 2014, you guys decided to drop out of college to move to Los Angeles and pursue your dreams of making music. What motivated you to make this decision? And what can you tell us about your journey so far?
We were in class in college in Atlanta for music and played the teacher a song and he said “this is a hit, why are you guys here?” We replied “that’s a good question”, and that was our last day. We hit the road to LA the next week.

What inspires you most when creating your music? And where did the name Minus Gravity come from?
What inspires us when we’re making music is just life experiences. We like to go through things so we have something to talk about. Whether it’s good or bad.Working as a trio, what does your creative process typically look like? And who takes charge of what piece?
We’ve been working together so long, it’s usually just a look we give each other or a quick hum of a melody and the song is pretty much done in our heads. We each have input, trust each other and lean on each other for advice. Apollo usually does the composing of the song. Putting different things in different places.

Who are your favourite artists to listen to? 
We listen to everybody from current artists to old school music to indie bands to classic rock...Stevie Wonder, Lil Wayne, definitely Kanye West. Just all of the greats of every generation.

What would be your dream collaboration in the future? 
Definitely Kanye and Pharrell... and Lil Wayne.

You guys recently dropped a music video for your track ‘I Do’.  What can you tell us about the video and of course the inspiration for the track?
It was Apollo's birthday so we rented a house in Malibu and decided to shoot a one take video while we were drinking and eating.

Watch the video here.After overcoming challenges, you guys are now releasing a string of tracks and hosting parties in the Hollywood Hills. What is one piece of advice you would give to a young person just starting out in the music industry today? 
Just stay focused and study the business before you jump into things. Try to be around people that have been in the industry who you can learn from. Just become a student of the game. We’re still students of this and are learning every year.

Moving on to fashion, how has your style changed since moving to LA? Who have been your biggest fashion influences? 
We’ve been into fashion for almost 10 years now. High fashion brands... we started off thrifting for vintage designer brands. LA hasn’t really influenced our style, it just made us a little hungrier. When we first got out there, we weren’t able to afford the high end designers. It just made us want to work for more.

If you could each pick just one item from our site to wear at your next party in the Hills, which item would you choose and why? 
Mic Apollo: Definitely the Chanel sneakers...(*pictured below) I have so many Chanel pieces, it’s always classic. The door blazer and the Louis travel bag because we travel often.What do you make of the claim that ‘Yeezy’s are dead’ and that it’s a Jordan takeover?
That’s funny to me... Yeezy will never die. Take a trip to Asia and tell me if Yeezy looks dead. Those shoes will last forever just like Jordan. Yeezy drove every high fashion designer to switch up their new whole style to sneaker. Every high fashion brand had a sock-like sneaker after Yeezy. Humans are just so quick to forget.

What do you make of the streetwear and sneaker scene in LA?
It’s a big scene. Take a drive down Melrose or Fairfax and see the lines for sneakers. We would never in our lives wait in a long line for a pair of shoes though haha.

What’s your biggest ‘Grail’? (Best/hardest to get item)
Just any rare vintage designer item. Anything rare high fashion.

Back to you guys, what tracks have you got in the pipeline and what can we expect to see from Minus Gravity in 2021? 
We have so much music we’re working on. We can’t wait. Our next project “Ownership Vol. 1” is completed. We will start releasing new music in April.

Listen to them on Spotify here.

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