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We know you most for being a garage singer with the hit My Love but what people may not know is that you are quite eclectic in your style. How would you describe your music?

I’m a Prince fan and I have been for many years. His eclectic style has definitely and very profoundly shaped mine. He never pigeonholed himself or his music and dabbled in many genres even concocted a few of his own. He is and will always be my biggest music inspiration and because of him I consider myself to be a “singer” in no particular style and I go on vibes. However I acknowledge that I am predominantly known for UKG. My style is called “Le Roc Music” because whilst you may not be 100% certain of the genre you’ll be getting, you’ll be 100% getting my heart, soul and good vibes in any compilation. 


You were part of the garage scene back in the day and we’ve certainly seen a resurgence in the last couple of years. How do the crowds compare then to now?

My experience of the garage scene is that it never ended. As with any beloved music scene, it ebbs and flows in and out of mainstream. It has definitely had a recent resurgence whilst maintaining its following and cred on the underground. Garage crowds never change, they are always filled with elated joy. It’s such a feel good music and the punters really appreciate that. 

Tell us about the acts you’ve performed with. Who did you enjoy performing with the most and who would you love to perform with again?

Oh wow I’ve performed with loads of artists. The list would be never ending. Currently touring with the House and Garage Orchestra. However to date I would have to say my favs were Basement Jaxx. I went on tour with them 3 times as I sung the Romeo track. It was such a fun time and whilst we were a very large collective, 23 of us I believe with lighting, wardrobe and sound crew, everyone got on. That’s hardly ever heard of on a tour. It’s also a huge reflection on Felix and Simon’s discernment with the type of individuals they select into their family and their  beautiful positive energy. They really are such gracious humble guys.  


You’re a creative person and recently wrote a book about online dating. What can you tell us about that?

It’s called ”Surfing For A Husband” and it’s a bio/ self help/ journal/ internet dating advice manual. I’ve been an avid internet dater on and off for the last few years. I was serious about finding my signifcant other and believe that you’ve got to be in it to win it. My extensive online dating know how led to some of my less savvy friends constantly asking me advice. This led me to thinking mmmmmm, and so I decided to turn all that info into a book. It’s actually not yet finished as I obviously want it to have a happy ending.  

You created your own clothing ranges. What were they and what can you tell us about your collections?

My mum is a clothes designer. So I grew up wearing her creations and as a creative, fashion was an obvious natural progression. Especially as my mother taught me to sew and I often make my own stage wear. I had two collections, one was called “funkin bytch” which was female club wear and a red carpet range called “Sariah” which was basically red carpet gowns fashioned from beautiful sari fabric. It’s something I would definitely like to dabble in again. I also have a pending jewellery range called “Glam Roc”.


How would you describe your style and what are your go-to brands?

Mmmmm I’m also quite eclectic in my fashion sense.  So I’m a series of a few different styles. It also depends where I’m going. As I like to dress accordingly. I would say performance wise one of my staples is the catsuit - I have so many in different styles. Being a shapely woman I love the silhouette. As even a simple design can give you that wow factor. I love getting dressed up in gowns for galas and red carpet events. I love fashion that is a little ostentatious and outside the box.  Balmain is one of my fav designers. Oliver Rousting has just taken it to the next level. I’d love to be his muse.  


You mentioned that you quite like Supreme and loved the Louis Vuitton collaboration they did in June 2017. What was your stand out piece from this collection?

I love Lux pieces and this collab was a stroke of genius. Red is one of my fav colours to wear and the fashion pieces created all screamed streetwear opulence. I actually have my eye on the leather 20K supreme/ LV jacket on your site lol. 

If we would give you £1,000 to spend on The Edit Man London website, what would you buy?

I would put a deposit down on that aforementioned jacket and pay for it on lay away lol. 


If you were only allowed to wear Air Jordan’s or Yeezy’s for the rest of the year, which one would you pick?

I’d say Yeezy's. Not because I love them more but because they are actually a very comfy sneaker, like slippers almost. 


Back to music, you’re currently finishing a 3.5 year project and releasing some new music. What can we expect to hear from you and what can you tell us about it?

The new compilation is called #LeRocMusic Vol one Popsoulectro. It’s a fusion, as the name suggests, of pop, soul and retro music Le Roc Style. I really wanted to go back to my musical routes and make an album that was rnb based. Timeless yet still had some nostalgia that makes you feel like you’ve heard the songs before. It’s my “grownup” album. I specifically catered it to a more grown Radio 2, Radio 4, Mi-Soul, Heart FM audience. With the forth coming future volumes. I intend to delve into my love for other genres. 

We’ve seen on your Instagram, you enjoy your cooking. What is Kele Le Roc cooking?

What I’m cooking goes beyond just food but yes I love to cook! I’ve even recorded two pilots fusing my love of cooking, chat and music together. Been really close to getting the show commissioned a few times but sadly not yet. However I’m very tenacious so I push it out every couple years. I’m hopeful something will stick soon. It’s all a matter of timing as I know the idea will work.

In the interim you can find my culinary creations on my instagram page @keleleroc #Whatlerociscooking.


Le Love and Gratitude 

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