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Artikel: Her Edit LDN: Our Consignment Manager Spills the Tea on What It's Like Working With Sneakers

Her Edit LDN: Our Consignment Manager Spills the Tea on What It's Like Working With Sneakers

Her Edit LDN: Our Consignment Manager Spills the Tea on What It's Like Working With Sneakers

Hi! I'm Victoria, and I'm the Consignment Manager here at The Edit LDN. As part of our amazing Her Edit LDN platform, I was asked to chat a bit about how I started working in the sneaker industry, and what it's like working in a male-dominated space. So, if you're a gal thinking of getting into the trainer business, make sure you keep reading and I'll spill literally all the tea. Not a single drop will be left.

I've worked in fashion for many years now, and I've really enjoyed exploring different areas of the industry. In my previous roles, I have had great opportunities gaining product knowledge and meeting founders of brands, but one market that I didn't really know much about was sneakers.

Seeing how fashion and trends change all the time, I knew that stepping into the world of sneakers would be for me. I was working in Harrods literally the day that The Edit LDN launched, and that’s when I got more of an insight on different styles, how much there is to it, the reselling industry, and what a luxury marketplace is all about. 

 I see the sneaker industry and marketplaces becoming even bigger over the next couple of years, and I honestly think more and more people are taking an interest. I think, the more styles are becoming popular and limited, the more people have an urge to buy, and they just want to do so in the quickest and easiest way possible.

The reselling industry was very new to me when I first took an interest in trainers, and I was totally fascinated by how you can purchase all these different types of sneakers, the names of them, and the history behind the world's biggest collabs.

The minute I started my role as Consignment Manager at The Edit LDN, I very quickly realised how male dominated the industry actually is, and how much people actually relate sneakers to men. The majority of my consignors are men, and only a handful are women. I would absolutely love if more females got involved! That's why I think Her Edit LDN is such an amazing and important campaign.

It shines a light on the women who want to have a say in the sneaker industry. Whether they're a designer or an influencer or even an author, us girls have had an interest in trainers the minute it all began, and Her Edit LDN is finally giving us a voice.

I think, since the Lionesses won the Euros last year, there has been a huge turnover when it comes to women in male dominated industries, and more companies and sports brands want to recognise that. I would love to see more female footballers collaborate with us and show their style off off-pitch. They have made such a positive impact, and the mission Her Edit LDN have ties in perfectly.

I love how more women are being recognised for their talents in these types of roles, and honestly, without platforms like Her Edit LDN, this would never have even been noticed before!