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Artikel: Her Edit LDN: Lucy Bentall & Her Experiences Working in the Fashion Industry

Her Edit LDN: Lucy Bentall & Her Experiences Working in the Fashion Industry

Her Edit LDN: Lucy Bentall & Her Experiences Working in the Fashion Industry

Avirex is experiencing something of a renaissance. While the New Jersey-based clothing company has been around since the mid '70s, thanks to the rise of retro fashion and the thrifted aesthetic, the old school brand is now back, and it's better than ever.

As part of our Her Edit LDN platform, we had the privilege of sitting down and chatting to the label's very own Brand Marketing Manager, Lucy BentallHere, we talked about some of her influences, favourite sneakers, dream clients, and so much more. So, let's get to it!

 Hi Lucy! First question: What does HER Edit LDN mean to you?

Honestly, a lot. From working in sport fashion and now street fashion, it’s always been clear how male-dominated the industry is, and I think being able to spotlight females that are a part of this culture is important. There is a space for everyone. 

If money was no object, what would be in my basket?

Unlimited air miles! There are so many places I want to experience, so being able to jump on a flight to anywhere at any time would be the dream. 

What’s been your most ‘pinch me’ moment yet? 

Launching Avirex On Air – our first ever podcast series. Taking this from an idea, to production, now all the way through to a short series that’s out there for people to listen to and watch is mad to me. There is so much history behind this brand that I wanted to share with people and open a space for creatives, musicians, and people in the industry to discuss topics that are shaping streetwear culture and where Avirex sits in that. Big vibes. 

 Who would your dream client be, and why?

For me personally, it’s Clint. I’ve been following him and his journey with Corteiz since around 2018 and admire the waves he’s making. All I’m saying is just imagine the Avirex x Crtz collab jacket…. No words. I reached out to him just after we relaunched last year to see if he was on it, but he told me it was too late haha. And just to set the record straight, Clint had tried to get in contact with the US team not us, I’d have been all over that if it came to my inbox.

What influenced your decision to be part of the Avirex team? 

This is an interesting one… When I first interviewed, Avirex was just in the early stages of gearing up to a relaunch in the UK and Europe, so I guess knowing I had the opportunity to work on the brand from the beginning stages is what really influenced me. We’re almost a year in now and it’s been one of the best years of my career in terms of learnings and creative opportunity. 

What’s on your sneaker wishlist? 

To pick one though… Imma go with the Union LA x Air Jordan 4 "Off Noir." They must cross my mind almost daily. 

What would you change in the fashion industry if you could? 

The inauthenticity that some brands have… There are small creators, brands and designers working so hard to make their thing blow and then these huge fast fashion brands take it and rip off their work. Let people own their work. 

And finally, have you got anything exciting in the works you can share with us? 

From September '23 we have some big things happening, but I can’t speak on it too much. I’ve signed an NDA haha. Just stay ready.