We Chat to The Edit LDN's Samantha Guastella About Her Experiences Working in the Male-Dominated Sneaker Industry

The Edit LDN has been championing women in the sneaker industry since Day Dot. With our brand-new Her Edit LDN platform, we're aiming to give female footwear fans everywhere a voice within this male-dominated space. To kick it all off, we sat down to chat to our very own Director of Fashion, Samantha Guastella, about her own experiences with sneakers and streetwear, designers that should be on your radar, and words of wisdom to those gals who want to break into the trainer game. Let's get to it!

Sam Nicole

Hey Samantha! First question: What does Her Edit LDN mean to you?

Growing up in Brooklyn, I began collecting sneakers at around 11 years old. It was always the largest grade-school or the smallest men's sizes that I was adding to my collection. Nowadays, we do have women’s releases, but I’ve always felt that we should be a more integral part of the industry. Her Edit LDN is a place with that same mission.

How did you find your niche and passion in life? What drove you to where you are today?

I didn’t have the easiest upbringing, but I am a true believer that you can make your past the excuse for your failure, or the reason for your success. I only ever wanted to be successful.

My niche and passion? I’m obsessed with making people feel amazing. Having styled clients for over a decade, I know the power of the perfect fit or a new pair of kicks. Giving that confidence to others is the most rewarding thing.

Who’s your favourite designer right now?

In heaven, I’ll drip from head to toe in Chanel, but I am watching and loving Annakiki right now.

If you had one piece of advice for women who are trying to break into this industry, what would it be?

No place is too small to start. Work hard, and be kind.

What is your opinion on the female sneaker and streetwear environment?

It’s nice that they know we’re here, but I think we can do and have more! I look to women in this environment to push for inclusivity and sustainability within the industry.

Finally, is there anything in the works that you can share with us that you’re excited about?

So much is happening here! There are exciting events, people, and partnerships in the pipeline. But, I am most excited about new brands coming to The Edit LDN so our community can shop more at retail. Keep your eyes peeled!