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Article: Dean gets interviewed...

Dean gets interviewed...

Dean gets interviewed...

We filmed a cool interview and quick fire round with Dean, our growth and sourcing director here at The Edit LDN. Check it out on our YouTube channel for the whole thing here or read this blog for a preview.

How would you introduce yourself to our readers? 

I am Dean, Dean Dobson. I am the Growth and Sourcing Director over at The Edit LDN which means I find everyones shoes. My main aim is to grow the business, recruit lots of consignors and find products to buy and sell.

How did you first get into sneakers? 

So, I wasn't very good in school at all and the only thing that was on my mind was 'How am I gonna get the racks?', that was the only thing on my mind, everyday. 

My Nan and Grandad actually live out in Florida and when I used to visit them I used to see all these skater kids that always had Dunks on and stuff like that. So, I used to go into the stores and buy like 60 dollar Dunks and come back to the UK and everyone would always be like woah...  I initially kind of got into buying and collecting sneakers from that and it only built from there. 

I got properly into re-selling after the Yeezy V1 drop. I remember just camping outside of every store from a young age. You would buy a pair of Yeezy's for £180 and that day could re-sell them for just under a thousand pounds. For a 15/16 year old kid at the time, that was a lot of money!


What's a Sneaker Head and do you consider yourself one?

I would define a Sneaker Head as someone who has a general love for shoes - someone who always has the next grail - someone that buys a shoe and immediately has the next shoe they want to buy on their mind.

When it comes to myself, if you had asked me this question 2 years ago... definitely but not so much now because the shoes i like now...well, they hurt my bank account. Maybe I am in theory still a sneaker head but my bank account says differently. 


What are 3 things you consider before copping a pair of shoes?

1. Can you afford it? 

2. Is it a shoe you are going to wear often?

3. Do you think it is a shoe you will own for a long time/will it be in your sneaker rotation for a while, do you reckon it will stay in style?


How many Sneakers do you reckon you have in your collection?

I did a count up recently actually... at the moment I currently have around about 180 pairs. Not all of them are super heaters but probably 100 of them are lol. I had a real issue back in the day, I was buying like 5/10 pairs every week! I am looking to sell them off at some point and get the collection down to like 40/50 pairs but I am sure that will take me a while. 


What is your favourite Sneaker in your collection?

Oohhh... that is a hard one. I think it has to be the MoMA Off White Air Force. I picked it up close to release so I didn't pay too much for them. I think now they can be upwards to like 5 grand! It's a real grail shoe for me. Shout out to Virgil.


What is the craziest thing you've done for a pair of kicks?

The Off White Air Max 90's came out and I got a tip saying they were releasing in Glasgow. I was in London but my friend and I just thought 'alright, whatever' so booked a flight the same day. We got there and camped out all night and was in line from 5am. Once bagging a pair, I kept going back to my hotel room and changing my appearance by putting hats on and they let me walk in like 5 times, I bought like 4 pairs... I don't know how, it was so silly. It was fun, I had a great time.


What is one sneaker you want but currently don't own?

Probably the Freddy Krueger Dunks. I think they made 20 pairs for the set of Nightmare on Elm Street and they were supposed to be burnt as they never got clearance from Nike to actually create the shoe. The director instructed for them to be discarded however this person ended up selling them. I think they are so fire but I heard someone bought them for about 80 grand or something ridiculous so I doubt I will ever get close to them... 


Can you share one cool highlight from working for The Edit LDN?

Haha, I don't know how much of it I can disclose... No, I am joking, we are a very good business, we've just has a couple raunchy nights out.

There is a lot of cool stuff happening at the minute that I can't discuss yet so you will just have to wait and see!

I think one of the best things, for me, as of yet was an event we did with One Less Gun. Their aim is to get guns off the street and we released an Air Force that had bullets in it and had a barcode on it that if you scanned would allow you to donate. There were Dj's there, it was a really nice event for an even better cause! It was also before The Edit LDN was what it has become today so it will always hold a place in my heart.

More info on this event can be found here

Lastly, lets do a Quick Fire Round...Go 

Yeezy's or Jordan's ?


Jordan 4's or Jordan 1's ?

Jordan 4's

Yeezy Foam's or Slide's ?

Slides everyday baby

Dunks or Air Force 1's ?

Air Force 1's

Ben&Jerry's or Grateful Dead's ?

Ben and Jerry's !!!

Kaw's 4 or Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 Low?

Uhhh, Kaw's 4

Jordan 1 Chicago or Jordan 1 High Bred ?

Chicago's, greatest shoe of all time

Dunk High's or Low's ?


Cargo pants or Jean's ? 


Sneaker's or Clothes ?


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed my interview :) 


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