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Article: An Interview with the Founder and CEO of The Edit LDN, Moses Rashid

An Interview with the Founder and CEO of The Edit LDN, Moses Rashid

An Interview with the Founder and CEO of The Edit LDN, Moses Rashid

We filmed a cool and insightful interview with Moses, the Founder and CEO of The Edit LDN. Check out the full version on our YouTube channel (Watch Here) or carry on reading for a preview. 

What is your role at The Edit LDN?

My role here is very much overseeing everything from partnerships, direction of the business, product launches through to personnel. 


How did you found the business?

It was January 2020 and I went to one of these sneaker festivals, very much like a car boot sale but for very fancy stuff. I was about to pay £700 for a pair of sneakers and I asked a very simple question; Do you have a plastic bag for me? The guy said no and it just blew my mind that I was about to pay premium for a product but not get a premium service. This is what sparked ideas for The Edit LDN.


How would you describe the journey of the business so far? 

In a few words: Rapid growth, a lot quicker than what I think a lot of us thought. Super exciting and just super thankful to have a great team of people but more so to be servicing a great community of sneaker heads!


Were you in the sneaker industry prior to starting The Edit LDN?

Yes and no... I have owned businesses from different markets and most notably digital advertising but I'm a huge sneaker head myself. So, for me this is very much a passion that I have turned into a global business. 


What are some pivotal highlights of the company so far?

We have done some really cool stuff... like partnerships with Defected Records, partnerships with Klarna (part of a heart beat for sneakers week along side brands like Adidas, Footlocker, Schuh and Size) and partnerships with Harrods. We have also got some exciting partnerships coming up with some celebrities you may well know and also some really cool events and activations in the works. 


How would you describe your personal taste in sneakers and streetwear? 

Simply, quite eclectic. One day I could be wearing streetwear brands like Supreme and A-Cold-Wall and then another day it could be high end designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior , Gucci ... and I think thats probably the beautiful thing about this respected space, there is no one size fits all. We saw the collaboration of Louis Vuitton and Supreme, I think it was 2017, when streetwear officially kind of first started hitting the catwalk. I think from that moment onwards the lines have been blurred between streetwear and high end brands so we've seen loads of cool collaborations. 


How many pairs of sneakers do you have in your collection? and what's your most prized possession?

Probably around 250-300. The question I normally get asked straight after is do I wear them all. I have a big rotation so yes to that. My most grailed item has to be the Jordan 1 High Chicago Trophy Room. There was only 12000 made so very rarely do you see people wearing them but every single time you put them on your feet you're feeling pretty fresh! The sneaker that I am actually looking forward to dropping the most right now is the Jordan 4 Off-White Bred. The release date keeps getting pushed back but thats the one I'm keeping my eye on. 


Who is the coolest person you have met since working at The Edit LDN?

We have a really cool client base and are thankful to have spoken to a few music artists and sport stars and so on. But actually an experience I had just before starting The Edit LDN was one that I had in Australia.  I was at a party and there was a very small interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Fox where they actually sent across a glass of Ace and Spades and whilst it was only a small interaction, it is one I remember to this day 

Final question, What can we expect from The Edit LDN in the future? 

We have a load of things going on right now.

We just launched The Edit Premium which is all about driving value back to our customers. So for £19.99 a month you'll get 2 x £15 off codes, free UK shipping, discounted international shipping, first access to pre-orders and in-hand products and access to our personal shopping and styling services. 

Click here for more info on Edit Premium or to sign up

We have some really cool partnerships and activations going on too with some well-known faces that I'm sure you'll know. All will be revealed shortly! 

Then lastly, we are really focusing on two other key things;  Sustainability and Community led activities. So it's set to be a really fun year here at The Edit LDN. 

We are always open to hear from you guys around things that you would want to see from us whether that be ideas around pre-loved or something to do with cool exclusive parties. Whatever the idea be, we would love you to reach out. 


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