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For those that don't know you, can you give our readers a brief intro to who @tazlimastyle is?

I am an award-winning social entrepreneur and campaigner, a guest designer at NIKE, founder/fashion designer of TASLIMA K, public speaker, celebrity stylist, art/creative director and an activist.

All rounded creative from South London, who uses art as my form of expression to tell untold stories.

A lot of people know you for your styling work and fashion brand. Can you tell us more about that brand and how did it all get started?

I started my journey in fashion with my dad getting my sister and I do hand stitching on blankets to keep us entertained. I learnt different art forms from a textiles class and also fell in love with a sewing machine that reminded me of driving. I saved up my part time work money and bought myself a sewing machine and self-taught how to sew.

This lead to studying fashion design and marketing at university. Whilst working as a stylist during university I was also working with various brands on look books, campaigns, magazine editorials, fashion week shows to film, commercial and music videos. I work mainly with celebrities as I work within the entertainment industry. My fashion label I started as an idea after university in 2012 launched in 11/12/2013.

After my experience within the industry I wanted to bring two sides of my life together - I am an activist and campaigner who is politically involved to being crazy creative. I wanted to communicate the best way I know which is fashion and art. So, I created Taslima K - well informed apparel, a luxury conscious fashion label, journey through sustainability, creating awareness and education on various human rights issues. I travel to different countries to learn first hand research, which translates to my designs. Giving back to the source of my inspiration, no cultural appropriation. All hand made in London by me. Creating minimal limited womenswear pieces and exclusive made to order menswear.

You are an ambassador for The Prince's Trust. What does that mean to you?

Being an ambassador for the Prince's Trust is an honour as they have helped me and supported me at the beginning stage of my brand and overall a great support system. I am able to give back to them and I have had great opportunities of being a public speaker and a representative of a young person who is a proof to the help that was provided by them. I really appreciate the trust and believe they help a lot of young people in this country at different stages of their life.

I would highly recommend young people from the age of 16-30 to look into the several programmes available to help you navigate through this world we live in from being starting your own business to looking for career opportunities and so many others.

You have recently launched your collaboration with Nike and released a custom sneaker. How did that come about? What can you tell us about the sneaker and colour way?

Beginning of the year Nike did a call out for designers in London to represent their unseen London. I sent in a brief, concept, design idea for the shoe and about me to NIKE. During lockdown I get a DM on Instagram from Nike saying I have been selected. That was the start.  

My sneakers are CHANGE MAKEAIR Air Max95. CHANGE MAKEAIR celebrates all the change makers in our community, our multicultural city London and being comfortable in our skin. The colour tone is a reflection on our multicultural skin tones. and the beautiful sunsets we get in London. 

The drop is available until 13/08/2020 here.

What was the inspiration for the sneakers and the cause attached?

Growing up in London one of the most beautiful part is being blessed with a multicultural environment. I want to celebrate to unite us all as one human race. Every colour represents a shade of culture, being influenced by art, sports, food, music, dance, fashion, languages and traditions.

Let's speak up, make a change now and become the CHANGE MAKERS.

A portion of the sales will be donated to S.W.I.M DV registered charity, a London based charity working with 11-21 years olds on domestic violence prevention.

Women are on the rise in the creative industry. From your own experience, how impactful is that? What’s your take on women in the sneaker game?

I believe this is more important than ever, I am happy and excited to see it. There are so many incredible game changers within the sneaker game who do not get enough recognition but the sneaker community is strong. I come from a basketball background and for me I know when I started playing national league level, I still would hear guys not take women's basketball seriously. I don't think a lot of people know these incredible female designers behind their shoes. We need more representation and noise on women in the sneaker game.

How would you define your personal style?

I am very versatile who doesn't really fit in a box, I can go from being very sport street style to more feminine but I love an outfit that goes with sneakers. Comfort, style and unique is what I like.

If you could only pick three sneakers to wear all year round which ones would they be and why?

My CHANGE MAKEAIRS Air Max 95 lol of course as I love them and definitely can go around and say I designed them lol

Nike Air force 1 white – it’s a classic and perfect for summer time

It's so difficult to pick only 3 - It's a cross between Air Jordan 1's or Nike Blazer low/mid (*Nike SB Blazer x Supreme White pictured below)

If we gave you £2000 to spend on what would you go with?

Having a stylist mentality, with that budget I just went for a look I would love to create and I could wear these items separately too.

The first item I saw is the AWAKE NYC MICHELLE OBAMA T-SHIRT £59.... yassssss to the queen, I love her, she is a great role model to women globally. I would wear her around anywhere and everywhere. It's a must!

NIKE x ACW dual component overcoat crushed granite £225 - I am in love with the silhouette and the colour tone of this coat, this is a great coat to throw on several looks and a colour that can be worn with various looks, it is in between laid back to smart aesthetics.

OFF-WHITE x AIR JORDAN 4 SAIL £900 - I really have no justification and feel like I don't need to justify for these except for it being so dreamy to look at lol, they are perfection, I would most likely wear these on a very specific day when I know it's a sunny day. They are just pleasing to the eye. 

TOMME STUDIO 3.0 BASKETBALL BAG - TOMME RENAISSANCE £125 - This just gives an ultimate finish to my look, they are such beautiful bags and definitely represents me and my love for basketball. I love the art on this one in particular.

With the £691 left I would get CHANEL CC LOW TOP TRAINER BLACK £485 as it's a minimal design yet classic to have in your wardrobe, SUPREME DEAD PREZ RBG TSHIRT BLACK £123, something I love minimal statement pieces and a T-shirt is the best form of expression and easy to wear.

Finishing off with a Travis Scott cactus jack face mask brown £50, an essential for day to day now.

Do you have any projects you are currently working on that you can share with us?

Currently due to the demand on masks, I started to make handmade eco-friendly face masks at the beginning of lockdown with filter pockets to reduce the waste of disposable masks. Check those out from here. 

I also have a film I am styling to prep for at the moment.

If you could only give one piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative industry what would it be?

If you have an idea, make a plan, work on the plan with mini goals and start ticking them off. If you do not try how will you know if it will ever work? 

Finally, what’s the rest of 2020 got in store for you and what can you tell us about your plans for 2021?

For the rest of 2020 I will be working on my new collection drop, I can't say more than that at the moment. You will have to stay tuned in @tazlimastyle and @TASLIMA K_ for what is to come. Also looking to work on few more collaboration from 2020 to 2021.


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