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How and when did you get into the sneaker scene?

I love Sneakers since I can think, but I really fell in love with Air Jordan Sneakers since I saw them Air Jordan 11 Bred in 2012! Michael Jordan is such an inspiration! After I paid off my school, I started collecting, I think it’s been now 4 years.How has being a female affected your place in the sneaker community / have you faced any challenges because of your gender? Any benefits?

There’s some people who say “Female Sneakerhads are late in the Game” but also People who celebrate it. I would say it doesn’t matter - All the big Names like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Converse are strong in showing equality and so should we all as a Community. We could reach more Female Sneakerheads if these Companies would create also more Sneakers for everybody, because we don’t need “Womens Ecxlusive” We need Inclusive sizing!

What’s your take on the current state of the sneaker industry? Is it in a good place or does it need some work?

As I said before, not being included in sizing is really a problem! Like the last release, Air Jordan 1 Mocha was in the Nike SNKRS App, starting in size 7 (EU 40). Taking an L is sad enough but not having the chance to participate with your right size in the draw or Raffles is even worse.

Also I think the hype about sneakers is so on Top, that the Quality is getting worse. I got some Sneakers with glue rests or bad stitching for that high price level is not okay. One time I sent the same Air Force 1 three times back to Nike till I got a pair which was good.

Who are currently your biggest fashion inspirations and why?

Melody Ehsani is an inspiration for me in so many ways! She followed her Goals and is helping so many Women with her confidence for equality and self expression. Her style and her sneakers are dope and I’m proud that I got some Me’s!How would you describe your style?

Comfy, casual, sporty, urban, feminine.

For the readers curiosity, how many sneakers do you own and what's your most expensive pair?

I had like 100 pairs of Sneakers, but I trade some for my Grails - I think I got some good 50 pairs now :-)

If you had to pick three favourite sneakers from your collection, what would they be and why?

I would say my Jordan 1 Satin Blacktoe is definetly one of my favs bc it has to be the chicago colours and I love a red/black/white combo!

The Jordan 4 Off White Sail is my biggest fav 2020 because I love some beige and it’s a Womens Exclusive :-). (*pictured below)

My Jordan 6 Alealimay are also a big Favorite for me bc I love some pink and the collaboration with her!  :-)What was the craziest thing you have done to get a pair of shoes?

Nothing really crazy happend till now haha but I think you can call me crazy for having a second Job so I can afford all my Sneakers on my Wishlist - it’s still too long!

What’s your biggest W and what’s been your biggest L?

My biggest W was in summer when I got the Jordan 4 Off White Sail in the Nike SNKRS App!

My biggest L was the Jordan 1 Satin Blacktoe - that was the first time, when I got actually tears because I didn’t get them haha. 3 Months later I bought them Resale :-(

If you were stuck on a desert island for six months, which three items would you choose from our site and why?

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React Sneakers

Fear of God Essentials Sweatpants Tan and also the Hoodie in Buttercream!! (*hoodie pictured below)

Dope Combo!!What advice would you give to someone who is just now wanting to join the sneaker community?

I think some history first would be good - like reading the books “Shoe Dog - Phil Knight” or “The Ultimate Sneaker Book - Sneakerfreakermag” and also watching on Netflix “The Last Dance - Michael Jordan Documentary”

Joining all the Sneaker Apps and sides for Raffles and Infos like Nike SNKRS, SNS, size?, SVD, GOAT, JD, Footlocker, Snipes, END., Stockx, KicksonFire, Dropdate, Sneakernews, Houseofheats and so on…

Joining a Discord Group where you can get all the Infos for Drops and Restocks like I have with some Friends (@sneakergurls_de)

Not giving up, by taking a L! As an example, my first Raffle Win at BSTN or SNS was after 1 year!!
Who are the top five female sneaker influencers you admire or follow for inspiration?

@sherlinanym is my number one! I have followed her since she started so small in 2014!

I’m a big fan from @whoizcarla from Canada!

Also a cutie from Guanajuato is @parisservin!

A real beauty from New York is @ashleyvera_!

And I really love the style and sneaker game from @zitawu!

Can you tell us about any projects you have coming up in 2021?

I really love all the custom sneakers that I’ve designed with some companies and I’m down for more ideas and partnerships :-)

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say or add that we haven’t covered?

So many people always ask how can I afford all these sneakers, I just wanna say, everybody’s heart beats for different hobbies and you spend your money on these things you like the most. So you don’t have to be rich to collect sneakers, just be smart, patient and invest so you can spend it :-)

Find Lucia from Instagram @snkrsgurl.

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