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How and when did the three of you meet and decide to join forces as Planet Giza?

Tony and Rami were on the same basketball team when we were younger. Then, through a mutual friend, Tony and DoomX met and started making beats. One day all three of us just linked up to work and the chemistry was flawless. So from that point on we just decided to keep working together.While working as a trio to create and produce music, what role do each of you play in the creative process?

When it comes to production, no one really has a specific role. We can all pretty much do everything so it’s more of a brainstorm of ideas type of thing. Only thing that’s certain is that Tony is gonna take care of the vocals.

How would you guys describe the Montreal beats scene? Within this scene what about your music do you believe has allowed you to stand out from the rest?

Montreal really expanded when it came to production. At one point, producers were getting WAY more love and recognition in comparison to rappers and singers. We can definitely say we have elite beat makers out here. What separates us is the fact that we’re more than just beat makers as we make full songs. The fact that Tony started to rap/sing on the beats took us to that artist level and helped us stand out.You guys just released a new single ‘When The Moving Stops’ along with a music video. What was the inspiration for this song?

Initially ‘When The Moving Stops’ was a proposed title for our next project. It had to do with how the world was really at a standstill due to this whole pandemic business. It also refers to when things aren’t going your way, how are you going to react? I thought it had a nice ring to it so the song was written with that in mind. Funny enough, another proposed title for the project was ‘If I Never Sing Again’, which became the opening line of the song.

Listen to it on Spotify here.

What was your favourite aspect of making the music video for ‘When The Moving Stops’? 

It was creating a storyline around the music. Big shoutout to the director Guillaume Landry who came up with the concepts. The scenes on the boat and on the roof were really fun to shoot as well.In December you guys also launched a radio show called Mellow Mellow Radio. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to create this radio show and the concept behind it? 

We were sitting on all this unreleased music with no platform to show it on. That’s when management suggested we start a radio show to connect with people, show what we’ve been working on and have fun with our friends as guests.

Shifting over to fashion, how would each of you describe your style? How big of a role does fashion play in your everyday lives?

We each have our own style but we’re all very inspired by the late 90’s and early 2000’s streetwear. Big shoutout goes to our stylist Racky Sow for always finding the fire attire for our videos and photoshoots. We just give her our inspirations and she brings them to life.If you could each pick three items off of our site to wear at your next performance, which items would you choose and why?

DoomX: Supreme Aerial Tapestry Harrington Jacket (*pictured below), Off White X Air Jordan 4 Sail, Palm Angels Teddy Bear T-shirt.

I think the colour coordination is fire with the jacket and all.

Rami: Nike Air Max 98 X Supreme Triple Black, Nike Air Force 1 Low Roc-A-Fella, Biggie Kith White-Tee.

I chose these three items because they are pretty much simple, just a logo here and there and that’s what I like in fashion most of the time.

Tony: Supreme Faux Fur Varsity Jacket, Supreme Stone Island Painted Camo Nylon Cargo Pant Black, Nike Air Force 1 Low Roc-A-Fella.

When I’m performing, I wanna look good but ultimately I wanna be comfortable and be able to move around. I think these items help me achieve these things.Lastly, are you guys currently working on any new projects you would like to share with our readers? What can we expect to be seeing from Planet Giza in the future?

We got a fire project coming out on February 12 called Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon. It’s our best project to date and our most mature one. Definitely tune in because you don’t wanna miss this.

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