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We know your Instagram account @Jaadiee but many people don’t know the person behind the lens. Can you give us a quick introduction to yourself and how you got started?

My name is Jannik, I’m 23 years old, currently studying business law in Germany and I am the grandson of Gramps. ‘Jaadiee’ are basically my initials (JD) and the jaadiee account started as my personal one. On Christmas 2016 I asked Gramps if he’d like to try on my clothes. Surprisingly, he said yes and actually tried them on. Since he looked super cool and felt comfortable, we took a couple of pictures and uploaded them on Instagram in January of 2017. We had lots of fun shooting the pictures, so we took some more and posted them as well. Since then we’ve posted a new picture weekly. 

What was your first image that went viral?

The first picture that went viral was the one where Gramps holds a pair of Adidas x Pharrell Human Races in red. That picture had been reposted by a huge Adidas repost page and because of that we reached 1.000 followers. 

What has been one of your favourite experiences with Gramps?

To be honest, that’s a tough question. I enjoy everything I do with Gramps, especially traveling. Last year, we traveled a lot for international jobs, that was super cool. Other than that I really liked our shooting for the Zalando Christmas campaign and a video we did for Netflix. I’m super grateful to be able to spend that much time with Gramps.


What is the biggest challenge of having such a big social media following?

For me the biggest challenge is living up to my expectations. When we started this Gramps IG series, it was just for fun. Now it’s a business for both of us (it’s still mainly fun though), which definitely puts more pressure on me to deliver cool pictures of Gramps wearing cool-looking and hyped outfits. But to be honest, that’s what keeps it exciting. Social media is a weird thing sometimes. Losing followers, getting less likes or engagement on a post can really have negative impact on you. Since I’m still studying and I genuinely enjoy taking pictures with Gramps, I (luckily) can live with that and don’t let the negativity affect my mood. 

What are some tips you would give people who are aspiring to be social media influencers?

Just don’t aspire to become an influencer. It either happens naturally because you’re doing something you really like doing or it doesn’t. You can’t plan or force it.


Who are your biggest influences? How have they shaped your career?

My biggest influences are my family, friends and my girlfriend. My family and my girlfriend are always honest with me, help me when I need them and keep me grounded. Plus, all of them always show me love and give me happiness, which are the greatest things ever.


How do you find inspiration for your photo shoots and outfits?

Most of the times we have one specific item (e.g. shoes or hoodie) we want to highlight in the photo, so we try to find an outfit that works well with the item. We try to incorporate at least one hyped item in the outfit without making it look too hypebeasty (is that even a word?). 

What does the future of Jaadiee look like? Collaborations? Your own brand? Events?

I’m not too sure about the future yet. Collaborations often happen on short-term and events are all canceled until further notice due to COVID-19. We’re currently working on our first Gramps Merch drop that is scheduled to be released in early summer. Other than that we’re always open for any kind of inquiry and look forward to traveling again :)


How will you and gramps continue to make content with isolation and lockdown in place?

We stopped taking pictures for a while but have recently picked it up again. When taking pictures, we can keep a safe distance and I’m wearing a face mask.


What are your favourite brands? What are Gramps’ favourite brands?

Gramps is a huge fan of Supreme and Nike, for me it’s Vans and other skate brands like Stüssy and Fucking Awesome.


Team Nike or team Adidas?

Currently Nike for both of us. However, Gramps still enjoys wearing his Yeezy 700 Wave Runners and other Boost sneakers.


Looking at – what would Gramps pick to wear for his next wedding anniversary?

*Supreme Hole Punch Denim Blue Trucker Jacket

*Supreme Chrome Logo White T-Shirt


*Jordan 1 Retro High Obsidian UNC

*Supreme Barbour Waxed Cotton Camp Cap Orange or Leopard

Again, looking at – if you were given only £600 to spend what two items would you buy?

Definitely the CPFM pants because they’d look super cool on Gramps and as a second item either this Travis Scott hoodie or the Kentucky Dunk lows to go with the pants.


*Nike x Cactus Plant Flea Market Olive Trackpants


In your opinion what is one of the most underrated elements in the sneaker culture or fashion industry that you couldn’t live without?


How did you get into fashion?

I started developing an interest in clothes through skateboarding. Skate brands were the coolest thing ever for me at that time. Then in 2012 the release of the Jordan 4 Varsity Red started my love for sneakers which eventually brought me to fashion a couple years later.


Before we go, can you give us any leads as to who Gramps’ next swag off battle will be with?

Unfortunately not, it’s a surprise! Currently there are two Gramps vs Celebrity posts in my mind...and both celebs are involved in the same family :)

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