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Known for being a ‘plug’ in the streetwear game, Dean started flipping sneakers at a young age and is arguably one of the most connected in the Supreme circles. Always one of the first to get featured for ‘fit pics’ and has his own YouTube channel.

Here he speaks to The Edit LDN.

For those who don’t know you, where did it all start and how did you enter into the streetwear world of selling? 

It all started from a young age. I was always into fashion and never wanted my outfits to look the same as anyone else's. Trying to explain to my mum why I needed a £100 T-Shirt was a really hard sale, so I worked odd retail jobs and did stuff around the house to earn enough money to get it myself. As my wardrobe started growing, people kept asking me where I got my clothes from and my reply would always be "I'll sort it out for you!"- it all came from there.

Have you noticed many differences between what the game was like when you first started and now? 

I mean, every market is versatile and like anything else you have to adapt. When I first started, it was about 'who got up the earliest?', 'who had the most information?' and 'who could run the fastest?' but now, like the way of the world, it has moved very tech based with people hitting hundreds of pairs of shoes every release.


What is the most important thing our readers who are entering into the re-sale game should know. What should they be doing and how to get started.

When entering the shoe game, make sure you are passionate. Being passionate about something only makes you want to work harder and when emotions take play it makes the experience more enjoyable. I'd say, keep up with notifications on news outlets such as 'The Sole Supplier' for all upcoming releases and maybe try to join a small shoe Discord group so that everyone can learn together and help each other out.


Your Instagram profile says – Fashion | Streetwear | Sexiness? How did this come about? 

I think I am VERY sexy and I will leave it at that.We know you’re into Supreme but what do you think of skate brand Palace? 

I really like Palace and I think a lot of their designs are unmatched. A lot of authenticity goes into the creation of their weekly releases. Sadly I think they are slightly overshadowed by Supreme.


What do you think of the impact of Kanye West and Travis Scott in the sneaker world at the moment? 

MASSIVE influences. I feel Kanye started his own genre of fashion. The 'oversized hoodie, baggy tracksuit bottoms and Yeezy 350' look took over almost the whole streetwear culture and still up to date. Whereas, Travis' new take on streetwear has seen a higher influence in the crossover from Adidas (as associated with Kanye) to Nike.


You work with us at The Edit Man London. How did that partnership come about?

I was approached by The Edit Man London film crew in Oxford Circus and was asked some quick-fire streetwear questions which I got all right. From there I met the owner of The Edit Man London, Moses Rashid, and (it didn't come out of my mouth) he's actually quite a solid guy.


If you had no budget, what three items would you choose from site?

Louis Vuitton Fragment jacket which was a steal at £350 and sold out before I could buy it.

The CFPM Rolling Stone T-shirt is unbelievable

And lastly Paranoise AF1


You sometimes buy from us at The Edit Man London. Why us over some of the other stores you’re familiar with? 

I feel like The Edit Man London really draws together what the streetwear culture is all about. They have a mixture of new and used items, including archived pieces, which I really love, and you really can't find anywhere else out there. Their website features steal prices and often sells out very quickly.


Back to you - we saw you created a YouTube series "How Much Is Your Wardrobe?" But just how expensive is your wardrobe? And what is your most expensive item?

Oh, I'm not actually sure how expensive it would be collectively if I'm honest but I assume it would be around the 40k mark. As for most expensive item, I'd have to say my Vlone Air Force 1's, which are around 5k now.

What are your three most grailed items?

I love the Bape 'Ghost Busters' beige jacket and I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'd also say the Gucci floral jeans from 2014 and Travis Jordan 4 Friends and Family.


What’s your take on Virgil Abloh saying that streetwear will ‘die’?

Of course, like anything comes to an end. I think you just need to enjoy it for what it is now.


Finally, what is next for Dean Dobson? 

Trying to have a good time. 

Dean’s Instagram: @fitdeano

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