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The Ari Menthol 10S

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Colourway: 029/05

Original Box: yes

Dead Stock: yes

Accessories: all

Year 2006

“This sneaker is dedicated to the two brands who have taken the most and given the least. Thanks for the motivation... now it’s OUR turn!!!”. The Ari Menthol 10’s is a legendary bootleg sneaker that emerged in the 2000s, challenging both Nike and Newport menthol cigarettes. Designed by Ari Saal Forman, a sneaker enthusiast and graphic designer, the shoe’s inspiration stemmed from the strong marketing influence of Newport menthol cigarettes, particularly among African American communities. Ari, frustrated by Nike’s lack of creativity and Newport’s successful yet harmful marketing tactics, decided to create an art piece in the form of a sneaker to question both brands’ practices. Drawing from Japan’s Bathing Ape bootleg sneakers, which demonstrated that unconventional designs could be successful, he embarked on creating his own daring sneaker. Released in 2006 in a limited run of 252 pairs, the Menthol 10’s featured several thought-provoking details. The shoe box resembled a cigarette pack with an edited warning label, and the Newport Spinnaker logo replaced Nike’s iconic Swoosh. The insole resembled a cigarette filter, and the stars under the toe were replaced with dollar signs. The back “Air” text was replaced by “Ari.” The sneaker quickly became a sold-out cult classic, attracting both Nike and Newport’s attention. Nike sent a cease and desist letter, while Newport pursued aggressive legal actions, claiming damages and attempting to prove that more pairs were made than stated. Eventually, the shoe was banned, and Ari was ordered to destroy all remaining pairs. Under the terms of the settlement, he is forbidden from owning, using, or discussing the sneakers


Included in box: -embossed art (78/130) “Smoking Statue of Liberty” - ‘ALIFE’ Menthol 10 White Tee (M) -Original receipt (purchase dating 17/06/2006) -Official ARI/ALIFE release paper bag -Extra white laces - ‘gold’ bracelet tag - Framed glass promotional poster -‘Cigarette box’ shoe box -Cigarette box paper


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